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Hello friends!  Happy New Year – even though we are well into the year at this point.  I’m just running way behind at life, but given everything, aren’t we all?  I’m still in shock that it is 2022, but I always love the fresh start and motivation a new year brings.  Before we dive into all of the new content, I want to take a look back at the 2021 top sellers based on analytics.

ten.  Loft Dress

I actually just wore this dress on New Years Day because it was so warm in Georgia.  It was my most worn dress of last Summer and somehow there are still a few in stock and on sale!  It’s the perfect amount of blue and white with just enough detailing to make it feel special.  The material is linen-like and perfect for a hot day!

nine.  Old Navy Workout Tank

Oh how I love this workout tank and can sing its praises! I own it in every color and sincerely hope that Old Navy never stops making it.  Some of my friends have bought it too and I always ask what top it is when they wear it because it looks so great on!  Size up one or two in this top if you’re like me and want a semi-cropped look.

eight.  Glitter Earring Pack

I love that this earring pack from Claire’s made it on the list. Does anyone else remember going to Claire’s as a teen and grabbing sets of these?  They were my favorite and Avery loved these sets for years and has gone through several.  They’re such a great go-to gift for any 12 and under girl on your shopping list.  There are tons of fun designs and the price is so good!

seven. Bogg Bag

Now is the time to grab a Bogg bag if you want one!  We can all agree, based on the analytics, that this is the best bag!  Come Spring and Summer these bags will be in the wind and impossible to find, but some retailers have stock now.  Because of it’s durability and washability, the Bogg bag is hands down the ultimate outdoor bag.  While it is super cute to look at it, it is incredibly useful given that you can shove a ton in it!  These aren’t the easiest to find at mass retailers, so make sure to check local boutiques for stock!

six. Barefoot Dreams Blanket

I’m so glad you all appreciate the coziest blanket as much as I do.  We have six or so floating around our house and all five of us fight over them.  They’re just so comfortable and buttery soft.  They was up so well without special care and may get softer with washing (or maybe I’m imagining things!)  I love that there is a shade to coordinate with any color scheme and that you can snag the classic leopard or a solid shade.

five. Madewell Stovepipe Jeans

I think this is such an interesting one to make it to the top of the list.  I actually do not own these jeans but have been eyeing them for far too long.  The fact that everyone else has pulled the trigger on them has motivated me to do the same.  I can’t wait to try them because they look so fabulous and great for everyday wear!

four. Tom Ford Liner

This liner was in the top products from two different retailers because it is that good!  The price is completely ridiculous and it pains me to spend that amount on any make up.  But the quality really helps me (sort of) justify it.  It is so easy to apply and a little bit goes a long way.  It’s dual sided so you can choose from a thinner or thicker option.  I’ve been using this almost every day for six months and it doesn’t seem to be near empty yet.  Fingers crossed it continues to last and helps make the cost more palatable!  You can also hold out for a Sephora sale, in which this liner is included and get it at a discount!

three. Lululemon Long Sleeve Tee

Would you believe me if I told you that I’m wearing this as I write this post?  Well, believe it because it is true!  My shirt is well over a year old and I still wear it all of the time.  I throw it in with normal laundry and don’t treat it extra carefully and it has held up so well.  I love how lightweight it is, but it’s still heavy to enough to flow and hang nicely.  The neckline is generous, making it perfect to pair with a fun bralette or toss on over a workout tank.  Unfortunately, this style is no longer made.  However, this one appears to be exactly the same, just with a new name, and it’s available in a bunch of colors!

two.  Amazon Leggings

The Amazon legging dupe game is strong and this pair has become my new favorite.  If you love Aligns, may I suggest you get these instead?  They’re a fraction of the price, require much less care (i.e. no washing on delicate and air dry) and fit so well.  I love the array of color options and lengths they come in.  I love to talk about these and how much I love them, especially after returning so many pilling Aligns (IYKYK but not in a good way.)

one. Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops

And our number one top seller was the Isle of Paradise Tanning drops!  As someone who frequently deals with skin cancer, I can speak highly to the quality of these drops.  I use the green, or medium tone and think that it pulls a little cooler and works better for my skin tone.  It’s so easy to use and a few drops can give your entire body a subtle glow.  The drop factor makes it adjustable, so you can increase the intensity based on how much you use.  Although the bottle appears small, it does last quite a while, especially if you’re using it primarily on your face.



I love looking back at the things I’ve been loving over the past year.  And I am so grateful to you for making any purchase through my links.  I earn a small commission on some of the sales at no cost to you and it helps support this little old blog of mine!



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