Tween Girl Gift Guide


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Today is all about the most elusive giftee – the tween girl.  Somehow, they seem to be the very hardest to shop for.  Maybe its because trends change so fast or they are a little more moody than average?  No matter, trying to nail down a solid list of gifts is a struggle!  This list is all things Avery has and loves, or will be getting this year.  She is a tough critic, so I promise these are all solidly appealing to a twelve year old girl.

  • Sweet little jewelry that doesn’t break the bank when it inevitably gets lost is always a win.  These sweet heart earrings are fun, and an oversized initial necklace (think Alexis from Schitt’s Creek’s signature piece) are Avery favorites.
  • Avery and her friends are starting to play with make up more seriously, but not enough for everyday wear.  A practical and fun gift is a set of Rosebud Salve balms.  Plus, it’s a fun way to add a little shine and moisturize dry Winter lips.  They’re also all very into face masks, which are great to snag at Target!  Add mask applicators for less mess!
  • We love practical gifts (Avery does too, I promise!)  A charger is a necessity and one in a cute case is fun and ensures no sibling fights over whose cord is where.  While we are on the topic of electronics, a stylus is great for school and home.
  • Avery loves Adidas and fits in a really small women’s size, as does almost all of her friends.  Cute socks are great to pair with sneakers or as a stocking stuffer.  Bonus points if they have puppies on them.
  • A scrunchie stacker can add to cute room decor and tame a mess, making mom and daughter both happy.  While we’re at it, cute hair bands that double as bracelets are also a win.
  • Avery and her siblings are obsessed with LED lights.  Avery has them on every night and loves changing the colors, which seem to always reflect her mood.
  • For the emotional tween, a Wreck This Journal is a great stress reliever.
  • If you need a fun water bottle that isn’t crazy expensive, Avery loves this one.
  • And our personal favorite: an ice dying set.  This is so much fun and a great way to dye clothing and accessories!  Plus, it supports a small female-owned business!




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