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My favorite part of Christmas as an adult is seeing it through my children’s eyes.  It truly is magical when they first come downstairs on Christmas morning and I love that they still believe in all of the magic of the season.  Today’s gift guide is all bout the toddler girls.  We own or are gifting everything in it.  So it’s safe to say Riley gives her full stamp of approval to it all!

  • Riley loves her princess coffee maker!  It’s a go-to birthday gift for us because it is so adorable and so fun.  It is essentially a toy Keurig, just princess-ified.  Ours is over two years old and still gets lot of love!
  • Piggy Paints are the perfect starter nail polish!  They are non-toxic and water soluble, a win-win!  When this spills, it cleans right up with water and a towel.  Riley can sit and paint her nails with these for a long chunk of time.  They come in adorable shades and some are even scented!  If you’re not ready for the real thing, we also love this faux makeup set.  It looks so real, it’s hard to tell that it is all fake!
  • We love jewelry making in our house.  We also love when its easy and reusable, like this Disney necklace set.  The necklaces snap open and closed so you can restring and redesign over and over again.  There is another set coming Riley’s way for Christmas!  We also own and love this set.  Because it’s bigger, there are more design options from bracelets to headbands with beads that snap together and apart.
  • There’s nothing cozier than an Anywhere Chair, trust me I sit in them often.  We’ve owned ours for eight years and they’re still going strong.  All three kids still love curling up in them and I usually sit in them in our playroom because they’re so comfortable!
  • The most popular toy in our house is our Beauty and the Beast Tea Cart.  Our amazing babysitter gave this to Avery for her first birthday, and Riley still uses it daily now.  It’s adorable and surprisingly functional.  The kids will stack it full of things and push it from to room.  Riley likes to serve us snacks and drinks on it, which I cannot get enough of!  A functional and frivolous princess nightgown is the perfect gift to pair with it.  Riley has this one very high on her wish list!
  • Who else played with Polly Pockets when they were little?  These are too nostalgic and cute to pass up!  We already have one and it gets lots of love.  If dolls that small aren’t you toddler’s thing, then a Barbie closet is a great option!  I’m not so secretly excited to organize all of the doll clothes and accessories in here.
  • Sensory bins are a great gift for imaginative play.  This Etsy shop has so many options in different sizes, that you can find something for any child’s preference.
  • A three wheeled scooter is a great way to get your little one moving, safely.   We do allow these indoors during colder temperatures.  Maybe we are crazy, but it’s easy to learn on indoor flooring and it burns off some of the never-ending toddler energy.
  • This baby is hands-down our favorite doll.  It’s not super expensive and has a soft body.  Riley and all of her toddler gal pals have this and love it!
  • Finally, let’s chat kitchen toys.  A food cutting set is great for dexterity or occupying tiny hands.  So, is an eco-friendly, non-toxic cupcake set that can mix and match.  Both of these are beloved in our house.  But, the gift Riley is most hopeful to get is a mini Minnie Mouse kitchen.  It is so adorable and she loves anything Minnie!


What does your toddler want for Christmas this year?



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  1. Biana wrote:

    These are perfection! We got Sophia the anywhere chair her first Christmas and she always uses it!! I really want to get sophia a few sensory gifts – thanks for the great idea!

    Posted 12.7.20 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      Highly recommend checking the Etsy site – so many more options than some of the bigger sensory kit sellers! I wish Anywhere Chairs came in adult size lol!

      Posted 12.8.20 Reply
  2. Lovely wrote:

    These are wonderful picks! The tea cart looks fun!

    Posted 12.8.20 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      It is so much fun and so handy when she uses it to bring me my drinks, lol!

      Posted 12.8.20 Reply
  3. Kate wrote:

    Oh my goodness! Serena would go nuts for all of these items! That tea cart is darling <3

    Green Fashionista

    Posted 12.8.20 Reply