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Fa, la, la, la, la it’s holiday gift guide season in the blogging world!  I know this may make a lot of people roll their eyes, but I personally love a good gift guide.  It’s the thought, effort and attention to detail that goes into them that makes me so happy.  And I do realize there are multiple leopard blankets in this gift guide, please love me through it. LOL.  Let’s get to the gifting!

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1. Locket : Josh gave me this for Mother’s Day two years ago and I still love it.  It’s a classic, sentimental piece and great for layering.  Stick a picture of yourself or your kids in it for a grandmother and they will love it!  Sign up for the Lola James mailing list because they have been running 20 and 25 percent off promos a lot right now!

2. Pom-Pom Hat : I have a few of these that Avery and I both share.  They’re cute, cozy and practical.  These are great for any lady in your life because we all want to stay warm and do it fashionably.  Make sure to snag this on sale as it is almost always available under $20.

3. Apple Watch Band : I’ll never turn down anything leopard and I know a lot of ladies who feel the same.  This is the smallest amount of detail, so it won’t be in your face.  Plus, it’s a nice little luxury for someone who has everything.  These are also often on sale, so keep an eye out!

4. Pajama Set :  This lounge set could work for night or day! It’s sleepwear that doesn’t scream sleepwear.  I love this brand for their super soft cotton and find they run very true to size.

5. Earrings : I wear these almost every day because of the classic look.  They’re a great price point for the quality and flattering on everyone.  I have the smaller size, but wish I got the bigger one linked here.

6.  Eye Mask :  This is one of those little luxuries that are just fun to have.  A great gift for a girlfriend or girl who travels frequently.  This is made of high-quality silk, which means no wrinkles or breakouts.  I think this would be so cute gifted with a pj set or slippers and some face masks.

7. Pink Robe :  I’m a sucker for a cute robe and this one is just that!  The pink hearts are whimsical and a little bit Legally Blonde.  Robes are practical and cozy and perfect for Winter.  Plus, who wants to buy one for themselves?  This is a darling bestie gift or if you have a teen, matching mom and me gift.

8.  Leopard Blanket :  Avery and Greyson fight over this blanket constantly, so another one will be under our Christmas tree!  It isn’t anything fancy – just a light fleece throw.  The price is great and it makes a perfect gift closet on-hand item.  There are multiple patterns and colors available, so something for everyone!

9.  Water Bottle : Avery and I fight over our water bottle like this.  I love the pattern but there are several others, too.  It works as well as a more expensive brand and is a hit with the tweens. ????  It is on Prime, only $25 and fits in almost every cup holder!

10. Silk Scrunchies : I use these scrunchies daily on myself and both of my girls.  They’re so great for keeping thick hair up without breakage.  They make for a great stocking stuffer or gift for your gal pals!  Mine are a year old and in great condition.  I wash them with my delicates as needed and pop in the dryer for a few minutes if they seem to be stretching.

11. Belt Bag :  I’m not sure why I don’t own this yet (hint, hint.)  It pops up on bloggers and moms everywhere because it seems so practical!  Plus, it is cute and available in lots of fun colors.  And if you are scared of Lululemon prices do not fear, this is under $40!

12.  Tory Burch Tote :  A gorgeous tote that happens to be on sale!  The classic shape and colors make it an easy gift to give.  It’s easy to wipe clean and great for holding all of the things.

13. CZ Necklace :  This is hands down the prettiest faux diamond necklace.  I love the Etsy seller and found them through Hey Nasreen.  The necklace is available in multiple sizes and with magnetic closures (so awesome!)  I’m a repeat customer because the products are fantastic!  The packaging is beautiful and she will contact you to help you with layering pieces.  I highly recommend this as a gift for virtually anyone on your shopping list!

14. Leopard Bag : I’m eyeing this crossbody bag hard!  It would be such a fun gift to pop some gloss or face masks in and give.

15. Slippers : I love to give and receive these slippers.  They’re so comfortable and I wear them out of the house frequently (no shame!)  I give these to my mom every couple of years, too.  In fact, last year, she and I both got each other a pair without realizing.  Avery is now requesting a new pair because she also loves them.

16.  Ember Mug :  We gave this to my dad a few years ago and I really want one, too!  This is the best gift for a new mom who can never reheat her coffee.  It would be practical for anyone anywhere who loves hot coffee.  It is pricey, but it does work! My dad still uses his and the warmer works as a phone charger too, I believe.

17.  Leopard Blanket : The best blanket EVER.  It sells out frequently for good reason!  Everyone in my house loves this blanket and fights over it constantly.  I need to grab more to gift the kids so that they will stop taking mine!  I know the price is a lot for a blanket, but this washes beautifully and is the softest, coziest wrap.





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  1. Biana wrote:

    You know, i think we all deserve a lot of gifts this year LOL! xo, Biana

    Posted 11.23.20 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      I completely agree!

      Posted 11.29.20 Reply
  2. Kate wrote:

    Ooooh I’ll take one of each please and thank you! Especially that tote bag and leopard blanket. LOVED seeing all the fun pics of your family yesterday, so much to be thankful for <3

    Green Fashionista

    Posted 11.27.20 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      Love that you love all of the leopard, too! Hope you had the happiest Thanksgiving girl!

      Posted 11.29.20 Reply