Mad Science Loop Lab Box

mad science box

loop lab box

inside box

lab coat

kids in lab coat

kids working on stm

mad science loop lab

making experiments

loop lab slime

making slime

mad science volcano

loop lab volcano


Hi friends!  I want to start a new mini-series for all of the moms like myself trying to keep their kids busy/amused/occupied this Summer while most camps are closed.  We are all stir-crazy, but we have found some fun new ways to use our minds and explore!  Today, we are going to start with a really fun STEM activity from Mad Science Loop Lab.

We have a happy history with Mad Science in our house.  When we lived in New Jersey, Avery participated in the after school learning club.  She would come home excited about her newest scientific creation and full of knowledge that she learned in a hands-on and fun environment.  Unfortunately, the same program isn’t available in Georgia, and we truly miss it!

Cue my excitement when Mad Science reached out to me about their new at-home boxes.  I couldn’t say yes fast enough to letting the kids try these out.  Now, these aren’t going to buy you a lot of time to yourself.  Greyson did need my help but he was good to go on his own after a little bit, which is a big win in our house.  Lab coats (clothing protection), gloves and eye wear were included, as well.

Mad Science Loop Lab boxes are basically a day of Summer camp in a box.  Each box has given us several hours of fun and learning.


Finding any activity that will engage all three of my kids is next to impossible, but the Mad Science Loop Lab has been a major win with them!  And the clean up isn’t too crazy!  We have also been able to reuse some of the products included, such as beakers.  Also, make sure to hold on to the instructions, as everything can easily be done a second time using ingredients generally found at the grocery store!  Greyson loved it so much that he called my parents to show them some of his experiments live!

The shopping options include a subscription, or ordering all of the month’s boxes at once.  Three boxes are only $99 with shipping included.  After searching online camps and similar services, this price has been the most reasonable.  I’ve researched multiple options and I’ve found that this is the best to encompass our kids’ ages all at once and not be too complicated or messy!

I was gifted boxes to try by Mad Science.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and I am also a paying customer.



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  1. Biana wrote:

    This is just too fun! I can see why your kids are loving it! I’m excited for Sophia to get into these type of boxes! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

    Posted 7.16.20 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      It is SO fun! They are into anything with a reaction lol.

      Posted 7.20.20 Reply