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amazon blanket sweater

blanket sweater

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Happy Wednesday friends!  How is your week going so far?  It’s freezing and rainy in Georgia right now, aka perfect sweater weather.  And what’s better than finding what is basically a blanket sweater?!

I’m finally getting around to sharing my current favorite sweater today! And it happens to be the one piece of clothing I receive the most questions about when I post it on Instagram.  So it’s definitely time to chat all of the details about it!  I want to chat about the sweater, leggings and shoes with y’all so let’s break it down by section below!



First of all, the name isn’t really “blanket sweater.”  I just call it that because it’s a great way to describe it.  It has a heavy feel, plus the material of a woven blanket.  If you were born in the 80’s or 90’s then you definitely had a baby blanket similar to this.  Maybe that’s why I’m so drawn to it – it’s comforting and reminds me of my own lovie.

Now, to confuse things with sizing.  When I purchased mine it was “one size fits most.”  Since then, the sizing is different and now falls under S, M, L.  While mine is only a couple months old, I’m assuming this is due to a new manufacturer.   Here is my take on the sizing:  it runs large no matter what.  The style and material make that inherently part of the fit.  If you’re looking for an off the shoulder fit, take your normal size.  Otherwise, take your true size or even go down one if you prefer more of a close to body and short in length look.



Unfortunately, these leggings are no longer available.  They’re from Vici Dolls and they do re-stock items frequently.  But they also sell out really quickly.  Luckily, I found some similar styles to tide us all over in the meantime.  I love a moto legging for the added texture, which helps provide visual interest.  Olive green is also a fabulous shade of neutral that matches so many colors and works in multiple seasons.  I’m linking the most similar pair I could find above.

If you scroll down, all of the dupes that I could find are linked.  One is the exact style and available on Amazon, but in another color.  The others are all in olive green shades if you love it as much as I do!



Another fun Amazon find!  Unfortunately, these are no longer available.  This happens frequently with designer dupes, so just keep your eye out for them.  I’ve had multiple pairs over the years, so they will pop up again!  They all seem to run narrow and small, to keep in mind if you see them.  I’m linking the most similar pair available on Amazon above.  But do keep checking there if you’re looking for something exactly like mine.

Now that I’ve edited these photos and typed everything out, I realize this is all about Amazon.  Everything is easily found there!  Gosh, what did we do before the Zon?

Thank you for reading!  Hope that your day is great!



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  1. Biana wrote:

    You had me at blanket LOL! This is such a great sweater and I really love the fit! xo, Biana

    Posted 2.12.20 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      I’m glad that is what sold you because it’s what sold me 😉

      Posted 2.14.20 Reply
  2. Kate wrote:

    Another Amazon win! And love that you paired it with those moto leggings <3

    Green Fashionista

    Posted 2.12.20 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      Thank YOU girl for inspiring me to get on the moto legging train!

      Posted 2.14.20 Reply
  3. What a cute sweater! I can’t believe it’s from Amazon. It looks like something you’d find in Zara xo

    Makeup Muddle

    Posted 2.13.20 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      Aww thank you! I love, love, love a good Amazon find! Thank you for reading! XO

      Posted 2.14.20 Reply