Hello 2020!

welcome 2020

Another year has come and gone and  we have a new, fresh decade to fill with memories and experiences.  2019 was a year of learning and growth, as they all tend to be in some way or another.  But I want to look forward, not backward to get this year started.  I’m putting my hopes and goals for the new year in writing so that I can look back on them when I need a reminder, or maybe so that we can help each other to be our best in 2020.


I’m moving forward with providing content, not seeking growth.  While blogging is an industry that constantly looks to grow in readership and social media numbers, I am going to change my approach.  It’s exhausting to constantly chase followers.  And then those followers are just looking to win a giveaway and have no real interest in your content.  I think that a particular giveaway this year really hit home for me.  The winner received her prize and immediately unfollowed me.  I want to gift those who support me and are there for me, as they deserve it.  Plus, many have become my blogging/social media friends and I like to nurture those relationships.  My content is going to be what I truly believe in and want to share with you all, as always.  I’m working with some brands that I truly love and cannot wait to share that content.  It’s so energizing to help support brands that I love and feel are doing good in our world.


If you know my kids, then you know we aren’t rigid with their schedules.  However, this year I plan on implementing more of a set daily routine for all three of them.  Between school, activities, and social plans, they can be going in three different directions.  While timing may never line up for a hard daily schedule, I do think a daily routine customized to each of them will help give us all a nice home base to work from.  We’ve seen some good results with chore and reward charts and I want to be more diligent about using these.  I’m hoping to teach them how to work hard and to start learning the basics of how to earn and save money.  And kindness.  This is the most important thing I want to instill in my children this year and all those coming.  As siblings, they have a hard time with this, especially as they fight.  But I want to help them learn how to approach situations with kindness rather than anger, above anything else this year.


Each year I say that it’s going to be the one where I get our house “together.”  I’m rather sick of hearing myself say this and not doing it.  A move while pregnant caused an endless spiral of never really getting our house in order from the get go.  Now, it’s time to find my old mojo and purge ruthlessly and streamline and simplify.  Clutter is such a productivity killer and it’s the number one problem we are facing in our home currently.  I’m going to tackle it in small, manageable ways, beginning with one cabinet or corner of the house at a time.  Quality over quantity and simplicity is the headspace I’m going to focus on in 2020!

Diet and Fitness

Saving the best for last, or avoiding the inevitable?  Diet and fitness goals are always high on the list of resolutions, but I’m just pushing reset this year.  Two weeks of holiday celebrations and a month-long killer sinus infection put things on hold and I’m so ready to tackle working out and clean eating.  No crazy diets or workout routines, just cleaning up my diet and making work outs a priority for my own physical and mental sanity.  Maybe another round of FASTer Way to Weight Loss too, because I love it so much.  I’m going to prioritize healthy eating and movement for myself and my family, but not go overboard trying to perfect it.  It’s all about manageable life choices.  In fact, I think that is the tone I’m setting for this new year and decade: manageable life choices.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to read and visit this little space of mine.  You mean so much to me and I’m so grateful for you.



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  1. Biana wrote:

    I love all the plans you have laid out for yourself and your family this year! It’s going to be a great 2020 for you! Can’t wait to read what you have coming for the blog! xo, Biana

    Posted 1.3.20 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      Thank you so much sweet friend, I really appreciate those kind words! XO

      Posted 1.4.20 Reply