4 Goals for the New Year

four goals for the new year


Hi friends!  It feels so good to be back after taking a bit of time off the last month to recharge and refocus.  Re-entry into real life post-holidays was rough and Riley has chosen to stop sleeping, so I’ve been adjusting to a new way of life. It’s almost like having a newborn again and being all thrown off with sleep.  But as with all things, we eventually adjust and I think I’m finally at that point.  Although my house needs a deep clean and there are boxes of Christmas gifts and decorations that I need to put away.  All of this to say that sometimes taking a little time to just process life is a good thing.  I would normally beat myself up over this, but I’m feeling happy that I’m learning to give myself some grace and think that we all should do this.

As moms, women, adult humans, we all need to give ourselves a little grace where needed!

Now, enough rambling.  Let’s re-focus.

We were chatting with our friends about resolutions the other weekend and why they don’t work.  Between four adults, we all agree that resolutions aren’t good.  They are generally aims that we cannot meet and then we end up feeling badly about ourselves for not being successful.  Our conversation then turned to why it works to set a theme for the year or to set very specific goals.  This really resonates with me and is something I think is such a great way to approach a new year.  Simple, attainable goals and overarching themes.

Having a blog is a great way to hold myself accountable for any goals I set.  I write them out and put them onto the internet when anyone can call me out on it.  I’m also able to check back in on them regularly.  Writing them into a notebook or posting them somewhere easily seen on a daily basis helps, as well.  For example, keeping them on a post it in your planner or on a piece of paper hanging on your refrigerator.  This way they’re easily accessible on a daily basis.

The other day, I talked about broad thoughts and ideas for the new year.  Today, I want to talk about my a more specific set of 10 goals for 2020.  I think a combination of macro and micro goals is helpful in getting the year off to a good start and aligning my mindset for my end hopes.  The broader ideas set a mood and theme and the goals provide specific, achievable tasks.  Sometimes writing goals onto paper can help make them more real.  I found this post with an awesome goal setting sheet printable.  Ok, now let’s chat specifics.

1 . Be Kind

Do you know how often I catch myself being catty or mean?  At least once a day, and it is just shameful.  I let my stress get the best of me far too often and it leads to thoughts that I’m not proud of.  This year, I’m making it a priority to shove the negativity aside and replace it with kindness.  We need kindness in our world and I want my children to see my example and hopefully spread kindness as well.

2 . Let Go of Old Things

With a new year comes the inevitable clean up/out and purge session.  This year, I want to make sure that I keep this going the whole year.  I’m at the point where I step back and think to myself “how did I get all of this stuff?”  And this is both physical and emotional.  I have so much baggage that I hold on to year after year that needs to be let go.  Old tee shirts?  Let them go!  Old friendships that fizzled away?  Let them go!  Old makeup?  Let them go!  Old negative memories?  Let them go!

3. Become a Mindful Eater

Random, but necessary.  My entire family is often the type to eat on the run or get so hungry that we all end up shoving whatever we can get our hands on in our mouth in a fit of hanger.  Trust me, it’s not pretty and it certainly is not healthy.   I want to become a mindful eater who thinks about what I eat, and really slows down and enjoys it.  I’m hoping to help my kids become the same way and learn to love fresh, clean foods and to savor meal time.  I struggle with this for myself and my kids, so if you have any tips, please do share!

4. Drink More Water

Man, this one is another tough one.  Before Riley, I was great at drinking water; sorry to brag.  I was constantly using the restroom and could take down a gallon a day.  It made an enormous difference in my hunger, skin, energy, etc.  Add in the third child and I struggle to drink eight glasses in a day.

I know four may seem like a random number, but it’s just enough to focus on and not so much that you can’t maintain throughout the year.  Are you still working on your goals?  Share what yours are for the year so we can help motivate each other and set new goals for ourselves!

Thank you for reading and stopping by.  Hope your day is great!



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  1. Biana wrote:

    These are all so great! I am the same way with water – the hardest thing for me to drink for some reason and I’m trying to be kinder, especially to myself! xo, Biana

    Posted 1.27.20 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      I’m so glad to hear you’re on the same page! We got this, 2020!

      Posted 1.29.20 Reply
  2. Kate wrote:

    LOVE this and could not agree more – resolutions do not work. I drink a lot of water, but know I could do better and getting hangry is for real. We try to keep mostly clean food in the house which helps, and I cook our meals during the week (lots of crockpot meals or things made on the weekend that can be thrown in the oven on a weeknight), and treat ourselves to dinner out on Saturday. It’s more of a treat for me because no cooking or cleaning <3

    Green Fashionista

    Posted 1.27.20 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      I need to get better about cooking and doing meals like you do! It’s for sure the way to go – treat ya self on the weekends! Hope that you’re having a great week!

      Posted 1.29.20 Reply