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Beauty Counter holds a dear spot in my heart.  It’s the first clean beauty company I’ve ever shopped from and it helped change my personal direction towards cleaner choices all around.  Now, I realize that this probably sounds a little bit dramatic, but it really was an important first step for me in cleaning up the products that my family and I use.  I’ve been a Beauty Counter customer since their original pink packaging days, if that tells you anything. ????

There are dangerous ingredients in virtually every type of beauty product on the market in our country, but I’m not here to preach about that.  If you want more information on that, I highly suggest popping over to the EWG website.  There is loads of information there, which is eye opening and educating.  But, let’s do a deep dive into my favorite Beauty Counter products today!  It can be hard to sample these and we need to rely on each other to spread the word about what is awesome and worth ordering!

I started this post a few weeks ago, and sadly it has taken me far too long to get it together.  In that time the packaging has changed, but I haven’t ordered anything in the last month, so I have no experience with the new packaging or new products to speak of.  I can tell you what I love, repurchase, and swear by.


I’m not partial to the Beauty Counter brushes, to be brutally honest.  Except for this one.  It’s the perfect size and angle for applying blush or bronzer.  It’s great for getting a very detailed and specific application onto your cheeks of either product.  This brush is not made from animal hair and created to keep water from getting into the handle when cleaning it, making it cruelty free and long lasting!

. . . .


An amazing array of universally flattering colors.  I like the BC shadows because they are light, but buildable.  And the colors are one of a kind and gorgeous!  This is the Velvet Eyeshadow Palette in Romantic and what I think are the most versatile and universally flattering shades for anyone shopping palettes.

. . . .


Best sunscreen stick, hands down.  I keep one in my bag and our diaper bag for on the go application!

. . . .


I love this for post-bath moisture on its own, or mixed with body lotion.  Works equally as well for the babies it is meant for as it does for adults. ????

. . . .


I just finished another jar of this goodness for all of you fans of double cleansing.  It truly melts off makeup, and I hear it can be used as a deep moisture mask.  It is pricey, but a jar of this lasts a very, very long time.  When you wash, use only a tiny bit and warm it up in your hands before applying to your face.

. . . .


This foundation is incredibly sheer and lightweight, so perfect for someone who wants just a little bit more than a tinted moisturizer.  It isn’t drying and can be built up for more coverage, just not anything full.  It is made with sodium hyaluronate, which helps promote moisture, which I definitely think it does.  I often mix this with my moisturizer and apply it as a quick faux tinted moisturizer.

. . . .


My absolute favorite product!  This peel will deeply exfoliate your skin and leave it all soft and glowy.  I use this at night twice a week and love it.  I’m red and sensitive, and this doesn’t irritate my skin one bit!

. . . .


This is the first Beauty Counter product I bought and I still love it for daily wear.  It is a lightweight, yet deeply hydrating moisturizer that just works really well.

. . . .


To deeply hydrate overnight, use this cream – it works!  I’m super loyal to this for a reason.  My very, very dry skin drinks this up and I wake up with moisturized skin every day.  When it gets really bad during late Winter, I will use this during the day as well.

. . . .


A great oil to combat dull skin and dryness.  The perfect way to use this is to rub a few drops between your palms and pat into skin before moisturizer.  It also works really well when 2-3 drops are mixed directly into moisturizer.  This contains vitamin C, which is basically the most important antioxidant your skin can get, so use generously!

. . . .


You all know I love to use my kids’ products as well, and this body wash is no exception.  I especially love the easy to use pump bottle that it comes in. There are no scary ingredients in this and I happily let Riley play with it, worry-free.  For all of you ladies, this makes for a great shaving lotion!

. . . .


The toner pads are seriously one of the best buys, especially compared to other brands’ versions.  These contain natural fruit extracts and vitamin C (necessary!)  They are great for helping to reduce the look of large pores and getting an extra deep cleanse after washing.  My friend Amanda told me that you can cut these in half to get double the amount in your jar, too.

. . . .


I’m confident in saying that I love all of the Beauty Counter moisturizers and the Countermatch version is no different.  It’s meant to adapt to what your skin needs, so it is very versatile.  I love this for day and night, plus I really dig the packaging.  This is a night cream, but I use it for day time in Winter months.  It includes hyaluronic acid in its ingredients, which is a fabulous way to moisturize without clogging pores.

. . . .


Rose water is so useful for so many things and is great to have on hand.  I spritz this on as a toner after washing, or before I apply a face mask for extra moisture.  It’s great for a mid-day refresh or to help soothe skin after a day in the sun.  If you start with any Beauty Counter product, let it be this one.  Everyone has some use for it!

Do you use Beauty Counter products or any clean brands?  I’m thinking of featuring more of them here, let me know what you think!  Have a fabulous day babes!


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  1. Biana wrote:

    I’ve only ever tried a moisturizer and the charcoal soap – both of which I loved! I never know BC had so much makeup! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    Posted 10.18.19 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      So much make up! Some of it isn’t great, but the ones that are, really are. I highly recommend the shadows to start with!

      Posted 10.24.19 Reply