Riley is TWO!

Somehow, someway, my sweet little Riley is now a two year old.  No longer a baby, but a true (oh so true) toddler.  Every child’s birthday is a bittersweet reminder of how fast time goes by and the fleeting quality of childhood.  I’m trying my very best to embrace it all, even the really tough moments, because it will all be gone in the blink of an eye.

Riley’s is coming into her own as a person right now – and every day that fact is more apparent.  Her likes and dislikes, what she finds silly, all of these little things are like puzzle pieces coming together to make her who she is.  She’s incredibly affectionate and shows it through giving kisses, tickling and touching faces.  And all while grinning and giggling about it.  Making people giggle gives her the biggest, happiest belly laughs that are so heart melting.

Riley is a girly girl, through and through.  She adores baby dolls and tries to leave Target with a new one every time we shop there.  Minnie Mouse and Peppa Pig are her other favorites.  She asks for Peppa all day long and can point out each character from her array of mini toys when asked.  Her toy kitchen and food make her so happy – she loves to make little meals and feed us all.  She’s also very into making Josh and I wash our hands (thoroughly) in her toy sink, which cracks me up.

It’s so funny watching two daughters grow up and see how very different they are.  At this age, Avery had very different preferences, and even though they look so much alike, they’re such different people.  As a third child, Riley has found her voice, and it’s a strong one.  She stands up to Josh and I, as well as her siblings.  She has no problem voicing her opinions and bossing us all around.  That can be read as “likes to say no frequently and loudly.”  When she’s feeling frustration, she throws things and yells, and everyone knows she isn’t happy.  Unlike her siblings, she’s not into hitting or biting at this age, luckily for all of her classmates!

For her second birthday, my parents and I took her for brunch at American Girl.  She walked away with a Bitty Baby and a full belly and fell right asleep in the car, which never happens.  The next day, we had a small party at our house for her and she was in her glory playing with all of the kids and being the center of attention.  It was a perfect little weekend for our happy little girl.

Riley’s Two Year Old Favorites

As I said above, Riley loves everything Minnie Mouse and Peppa.  She plays with the characters constantly, watches their shows, and squeals with delight whenever she recognizes them somewhere.  Her sloth, which we call “Slothie” is her most precious possession and she loves to go for strolls in her pink push car.  She loves baby dolls and pushing them around in this sweet stroller our friend gave her.



Thank you so much for stopping by!  Hope that you have a great rest of your day!




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  1. Mica wrote:

    What a sweet post! happy birthday to your adorable daughter! 🙂

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend 🙂

    Posted 9.14.19 Reply