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I always have a running list of beauty products that I want to try.  So I popped into Sephora the other day to grab a few of said products.  For some reason, I practiced the most extreme self-restraint and put all but three things back.  In my mind, I knew that it was about time for a Beauty Insider sale.  And I am so glad that I waited, because it is time for that sale!  It feels so fortuitous that I had the control to put all of the pretty things down and wait.  Trust me, that never happens. ????

The only way to get sale access is by being a Beauty Insider.  You can sign up for that (it’s free!) here.  If you are a Rouge Member, you can shop now through May 2nd.  After that, all Beauty Insiders can shop until May 6th.  The discounts levels are below:

Rouge – 20% off with HEYROUGE
VIB – 15% off with HEYVIB
Beauty Insiders- 10% off with HEYINSIDER

I’m sharing some of my favorite Sephora purchases below, including this week’s purchases.  These are only the products that I love the most of the most and feel are worth buying sale or no sale!

one // L’Occitane Body Oil – This bottle is pricey, but it lasts forever.  Like, a full year.  The best part is that it comes in spray form.  The oil literally mists out and a little goes a long way.  I use this mixed with my moisturizer when my skin is super dry.  I also use it when I self tan on places that could get splotchy.  It’s lightweight, fast drying, and smells great.

two // St. Tropez Self Tanning Mouse – Speaking of self-tanning, this is the holy grail of products.  I’ve never ever been able to properly achieve that DIY glow until I tried this.  And I will never switch to anything else.  The application is so even and smooth, plus it dries so quickly!

three // Straight Blow Dry Cream – Blow Drying my hair is a task I avoid because of how tedious it can be.  This cream actually helps speed up the process.  I probably don’t want to know the ingredients in it that cause my hair to dry so quickly, but it is legit.  My super thick, wavy hair blow dries smooth with a solid 1/3 of the time taken off.

four // Tanning Mitt – The biggest necessity for self-tanning!  It’s under $7 and makes such a difference in how the product applies.  I stock up on these during sales because they don’t hold up super well.  But it’s totally worth it for a mess-free application with minimal clean up!

five // Living Proof Dry Shampoo –  I’m a total Living Proof fangirl and recommend this to everyone looking for a great dry shampoo.  This extends my time between shampoos significantly and smells divine.  I will say that I know people who do not care for this, but as a (sort of) blonde who thrives and survives on dry shampoo, this is at the top of my list of favorites.

six // CC+ Cream – You hear people talk about this product all of the time because it is just that good.  No other foundation, cream, or tinter moisturizer can provide the even coverage that this can.  The SPF and is also so great.  I always apply this before we spend a day in the sun, and it works so, so well.

seven // Oil Infused Lip Tint – This is one of the products that I picked up the other day.  I couldn’t wait to try it and opened it walking to my car.  The texture and the color are amazing!  It’s so light, but very moisturizing.  And Orgasm is a color that seems to magically look fabulous on everyone who tries it.

eight // Tarte Foundation Stick – I purchased this one a whim a few months ago and it has become a favorite in my beauty routine.  It’s my go-to for days when I don’t want a full face of product, but need coverage.  It’s also a great supplement to a lighter foundation in problem spots.  And it totally works as a concealer – especially for great under eye coverage.

nine // Triple Sec –  This is the only product that I have found to be comparable to the Oribe spray.  Just a tiny bit gives texture and volume.  It also acts like a dry shampoo if you apply it to your roots.  I love using this on clean hair pre-styling or dirty hair as a pick-me-up.

ten // Laneige Lip Balm –  I also had to crack this open before I made it out of the Sephora parking lot the other day.  This is such a fabulous little lip balm!  I went with the Grapefruit flavor and it is so light and has an amazing flavor.  It’s just the right amount of color and enough moisture to satisfy the most hardcore chapstick addict.

eleven // Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer –  Oh my goodness, you guys.  This primer is like nothing else!  It feels like satin sheets on your skin for lack of a better description.  I’ve only used it once, but that one time had me completely sold.  It is pure magic on your skin and makes foundation apply like butter.  I can’t imagine using any other primer after trying this.

twelve // Neutralizing Correcting Cream –  Can you tell I love iT Cosmetics?  They’re masters at all things skin!  I have very red toned skin and this cream is the only product that I’ve found to actually counteract that.  It’s incredibly lightweight and velvety smooth.  It’s amazing on its own with just the right amount of coverage.  But it also works great as a base to a foundation for the days when you need more.

thirteen // Bye Bye Breakout Concealer –  If you’ve got breakouts, then this is the concealer for you!  It gives full coverage, plus has acne-fighting ingredients.  I use this daily and love it!  The application is easy to handle, and the coverage is flawless with no cracking or breaking.

fourteen // T3 Straightener –  If you only get one heat styling tool, let it be this.  It’s my go-to for everything!  I use it to straighten (no nasty burning smell!) and to curl (the most perfect waves!)  Plus, it’s just so pretty to see sitting on your counter!


What I’m Buying For the First Time



Make sure to sign up to become a Beauty Insider if you already aren’t, so that you can shop!  Have a fab weekend!




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  1. Biana wrote:

    I’m looking forward to shopping the sale when it opens to VIB’s!! I need to restock on my favorites like the CC cream and my jet lag mask! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    Posted 4.29.19 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      I’ve shopped it twice so far (in person) and am about to do round three online. I feel like I’m stocking up for a bit too much lol.

      Posted 5.3.19 Reply