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Hi friends!  Home shopping is on my mind in a big way lately.  We’ve spent the last three weeks trying to tackle as many projects as possible around the house.  Josh only has a specific set of time off each year and we try to focus on all of the house projects that pile up during that time.  We definitely did not accomplish all of the things that I had hoped to, but we made some good progress, and accomplished one major project.

Josh completely renovated our porch, which was a major project.  He did such a great job and I’m so excited to have this extra living space.  It’s all completely new screens, and shiplap and I’m going to do all of the decorating and styling in it this week.  It deserves its own post because it makes me so happy and my handy husband worked so hard on it.  I also finally organized all of our files, which have been piling up so before we moved, almost two years ago.  Oof.

I’m happy that we got the ball rolling because I have so much left to do in our house and I finally have the momentum rolling.  Sometimes getting started is the hardest part, but now I’m moving along at full throttle.  Ok, now let’s chat about the fun stuff, the shopping!


cake stand

A cute cake stand with a dome has been on my wishlist for our countertop.  I love simple and sweet this one is!  I don’t bake a lot of cakes, but I think it would be perfect for holding fruit or as serve wear.

area rug

I love fun area rugs.  I love them very, very much.  However, my dog, cats and children make it fairly impossible to own any that are remotely nice.  Any that are affordable (read: can be thrown out) and chic are a major find!

faux orchid

My faux orchid is one of my favorite pieces of decor in our home.  That’s largely due to the fact that I cannot seem to keep a real one alive, but I can’t kill a faux one! ????  They’re surprisingly expensive, but this beauty is a really great price and looks gorgeous.

leopard lamp

This lamp has been on my wish list for years and it really needs to come home with me.  It’s the perfect pop for anyone who loves leopard or a black and white color scheme.  Its chic, it’s feminine, its neutral; its all of the things.


Can a toaster make you happy?  Looking at this one makes me think yes.  Our current toaster is a hand me down in need of replacement.  And while this one is a total splurge, it would be so pretty out on the countertop and has great reviews.

watering can

Josh thinks I am frivolous in my love of brass plant-watering devices.  He’s right and I own multiple.  They’re very much not a necessity but they’re so much more fun to look at.

throw pillow

I’ll never get enough of throw pillows. Ever.  And I fully stand by that statement.  I may own a few gray leopard print pillows already, but oh my goodness, this leopard one is all kinds of swoon-worthy.

un deux trois print

How perfect is the print for a little girl’s room or a fun feminine space?  It’s simple but an eye-catcher.  Avery has a bit of a Parisian theme in her bedroom that would go so well with this.  I’m thinking of hanging it in our powder room, too.


I’m pretty positive that this is the coziest arm chair I’ve ever laid eyes on.  The perfect spot to cozy up in, or as a fun statement pieces in any room.


What are you shopping for your home right now?  Got any house projects going on?  I love hearing what other people are doing, please share!



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