My 2019 Style Resolution

Remember my post about resolutions from a few weeks ago?  Well, after a lot of thought, consideration, and closet cleaning, I’ve decided to change it up.  And maybe make a more firm style resolution for 2019.  After a thorough analysis of what has been junking up my closet and dresser and storage bins, I decided it was time to make a style resolution for 2019 and onward.  Curate a wardrobe of quality pieces that I can wear for years to come.  I do realize that it is March, and that this may seem late.  But I let myself really marinate on this and analyze what I’ve been doing for a few months before I committed to a resolution.

I’ve got a tendency to see a great sale and buy all of the things.  Because they’re a steal, not because I truly love them and want them and plan to wear them for years to come. Is it better to buy ten things that I may wear once or twice or use that money towards an item that will not ruin after two wears?


Before I had children, I was a much more thoughtful shopper when it came to my style.  I wasn’t as interested in interior decor or kitchen gadgets, so I channeled my spending towards my fashion.  I was lucky enough to work for a luxury retail company that had amazing sales and discounts for its employees.  This certainly helped me stretch my shopping budget.  I would focus on one particular item that I coveted: a handbag, designer dress, pair of gorgeous heels.  I’d save, and save and wait until a sale event happened and make my purchase.  And I still own every single one of those items. They were staples that I could build an entire wardrobe around and rotate into mixes with steal items.  Even though my size has changed through the years, almost all of them still magically fit and work.  #magic


Along the way my investments became Lululemon leggings and my typical clothing purchases sale items from mass retailers. Side note: there is absolutely nothing wrong with this!  But I’ve started to buy things just to buy them.  And no longer because I truly love them and want them.  My style resolution is to be more conscious of my fashion purchases.  I’ve already started doing this.  During Loft’s 50% off sale, I put so many things back and only walked out with three items that I could see myself using and wearing frequently and well.

My 2019 Style Resolution


I decided to splurge on this dress for a black tie wedding for two reasons.  First, it was so well made that when I tried it on, I got an instant confidence boost.  Secondly, I plan on having it shortened so that I am able to wear it as a cocktail dress (no more black tie events in the foreseeable future.)  The colors are neutral enough to wear it with different shoes and accessories to make it not appear to be a repeated fashion.

shop: My dress is no longer available, but I got it here and omgee there are so many divine ones available right now!

. . . .


These shoes are my favorite strappy pair ever.  I’ve owned them for more than ten years and still wear them.  They’re incredibly well made and have lasted through hours of dancing, as well as work events. My feet have changed sizes with children but the shoes still fit! My mind is blown!  In the picture above, I’m wearing them after my feet going up almost two full sizes!

shop: Another item that is no longer available, but these seem to be the newer, more updated version.  I’m thinking of getting them in gold or nude!

My 2019 Style Resolution


I’ve learned the hard way not invest in sweaters.  No matter where you live, there is always a chance of bugs eating them and it is the worst!  However, a quality blouse, especially in a real silk material, is an investment that lasts for years.  Higher end brands generally size and cut their pieces so much better, making them more classic silhouettes that stay in trend.  My Equipment heart blouse is five years old and worked during pregnancy and still does now!

shop:  Equipment’s standard style for this top is here.

My 2019 Style Resolution


I could (and probably should) write an entire post on designer handbags.  I’ll do that soon, so expect more details there.  But, for now, know that every bag I’ve invested in has stood the test of time.  If I no longer love them, I can easily sell them for almost what I originally paid for them.  It’s one of my biggest selling points to myself when I want to splurge (or convince someone else to, lol.)   The other amazing part is the ability to purchase a gently loved designer handbag on a site specializing in reselling them!

shop: My Louis Vuitton Speedy is almost ten years old and still looks amazing.  It appears that they resell for about what I paid for mine originally right now!

To be honest, this is taking some getting used to.  I’m trying to train myself to think differently – more long term and less in the moment.  It’s involving a lot of humbling returns and sheepish moments on my part.  I’m a work in progress (aren’t we all?)

What do you think about this?  I know that there will be very differing opinions and I really and truly love that and welcome that!  Cheers to a stylish 2019!



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  1. Kate wrote:

    It’s never too late, and love this idea! And I’m totally stealing your idea to mix leopard and stripes – LOVE <3
    Green Fashionista

    Posted 3.9.19 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      Oh yes, please do it, one of my favorite combos ever! Hope that you had a great weekend girlie!

      Posted 3.11.19 Reply
  2. Biana wrote:

    UMMM I will always invest in bags 🙂 Also, that dress you splurged on for the wedding is gorgeous! xo,Biana

    Posted 3.11.19 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      Thanks B! I love the dress and need someplace to wear it to again ASAP! Hope your day is going great! XO

      Posted 3.12.19 Reply