Gift Guide For Older Kids

Shopping for kids can be so challenging, mostly because the wish lists can be so long.  And because it’s a fine line between what a child wants right now versus what they will actually love and play with.  Half the time, I buy the things I would want if I were still a child, or that I find ridiculously cute.  #imasucker  This list has been completely vetted by both of my oldest kids:  Avery (ten year old girl) and Greyson (almost seven year old boy.)  They have a few of the items on it and love them, and the rest are on their wish lists.


My kids love Silly Scents, and so do I!  Why?  Because they’re just like the scented markers from our childhood, but they come in a washable version!  I’m pretty strict about washable markers in our house, just because I have learned from experience, ha!


I love this donut print for a little girls’ room and know that my now tween would too!  Artistic and fun pictures are her favorite (mine too!)


Unicorn flipping sequin pillow?  I think that covers all of the bases if your daughter is anything like mine.


Greyson is passionately obsessed with Beyblades right now.  I honestly don’t get what they are, but the first grade boys spend a lot of time battling them and trading them.  


Air hockey is one of those arcade activities that my kids will play no matter what.  It’s just so fun and I know they would love this!


We love Boogie Boards in our house!  Actually, I love them in the car.  We’ve gone through a few and I try to keep one in the car for mess-free road trips or if we end up out to dinner.


We’re in the midst of Harry Potter mania in our house.  This coding wand is educational and lets the kids feel totally magical!


Endless, mess-free snowball fights for all!  No, but seriously, if you live in a warmer climate, these snowballs will let your kids have epic snow days without the cold or mess.


Backstory on these walkie talkies, which makes them extra special.  When we visited Charleston with our friends last month, their son had these and snuck one home with my kids.  They truly believed that they would be able to use them between Georgia and New Jersey to talk whenever they wanted.  My heart cannot handle the sweetness!  


Apparently sloths are having a real moment, so why not promote sleep with the cutest eye mask


Easy and safe to use to nail polish set for the sweetest little fingers and toes.


I spend a lot of time professing my love for Little Giraffe on here, and my dragon-loving little man would go nuts for this stuffed one!


Avery already scored this Pikmi Pop as an early gift and it is seriously the softest thing ever.  And it is ridiculously cute.  If you grew up in the 80’s or 90’s you will get this – it’s the modern version of a Popple!


Avery has had her Instax for almost six years and still loves it.  It’s so fun to take on trips or to have for parties.  I’m a pretty big fan of it too, for making memories!


This is a Crate Creature.  Greyson saved his birthday money to get one of these and loves it.  I honestly have no idea what it is or what the point of it is (isn’t that with most toys?) but my kids are totally nuts for these.  And for a monster, they’re pretty funny and cute.


Last year, the Nintendo Switch was so hard to get, but my mom managed to snag one for my kids.  And they still love it and use it all of the time.  I highly recommend this and all of the games that require physical activity with it (especially Just Dance!)  



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  1. Biana wrote:

    My nieces are so hard to buy for, but the unicorn pillow is a winner! xo, Biana

    Posted 12.18.18 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      Always go with the flippy sequins – they’re all the rage with the tween scene rn (like they say lol.)

      Posted 12.19.18 Reply