Baby and Toddler Gift Guide

Shopping for baby gifts is easily one of my favorite categories to shop for.  Basically anything extra tiny and in pastels is at the top of my list.  Riley is at that in between age right now where she’s less baby and more toddler, so her gifts are definitely more on the toddler side.  However, a ton of my girlfriends are pregnant or have just had babies, so I still have a reason to shop for all the little things!


Bows for little girls are so fun to use, but surprisingly hard to find.  We have this set of colored bows that both girls use.  They can also clip onto headbands for a different look, or when there isn’t enough hair yet. ????


Or if you just want to go with a headband, I can’t recommend these enough.  They’re so soft and fit all size heads, including my giant one.  {I mean, not that I have tried…}  


For years, Avery and Greyson wanted one an aqua mat.  Luckily, we had lots of friends who had them so they could play with them at their houses.  We finally got one and they used it to death.  It’s perfect for little ones who want to color, and moms who don’t want a mess!


Baby sized North Face gear always gets me – how adorable is this little pom-pom hat?  It comes in a few colors, so you can snag one for a boy or a girl to stay warm in Winter.


Riley is a big fan of these sippy cups.  They’re cute, don’t spill {much} and don’t cost a fortune.  She may be getting another one in her stocking this year, but shhhh.


These touch and feel Jellycat books come highly recommended by Riley.  We read a minimum of two a days, and I’ve caught her older siblings browsing them from time to time, too.


I’m fairly positive my little brother had a similar version of this tool set when we were growing up.  I know that he played with it a ton, and so did I.  I’m so partial to wooden toys, and my little ones are big fans too.


Jellycat stuffed animals are our favorites!  They’re so soft and snuggly, and the kind of toy that you end up toting along to college with you. 


Slumberkins are the sweetest special lovie I’ve come across.  They’re a combination of stuffed animal and blanket in one.  Riley’s are her most prized possessions and she cannot sleep without one.  Avery and Greyson each have one that they love, too!


Riley has had her eye on this grocery cart for a while now.  She gets her hands on one anytime she spots it in a store, so I’m hoping that Santa gets the memo!


For all of the Makenzie Childs loving mama’s, there is the sweetest little stacker for her babies.  Stacking toys are always a win and this is so unique!


The sweetest little flamingo bath toy.  Although I think it would look equally cute on a styled shelf in a nursery.


Baby Ugg booties are my go-to baby gift right now.  They’re so sweetly adorable but not something you would necessarily splurge on normally.  They fit amazingly and keep sweet feet warm and cozy.


Freshly Picked moccasins are just the best.  I’ve tried every brand and always come back to these because they are cute, they last and they’re so functional.


I’m a sucker for a cute snack cup.  They get so much use that there is no reason they can’t be pretty!


I can’t tell you how much we love our Little People nativity set.  It’s been on my kitchen floor because it is played with all day by little hands.


Any Beaufort Bonnet Company pajama is a win in my book.  They’re as sweet as they come and a total (special) splurge for your little one.


I almost squealed when I stumbled upon this ice cream cart play set.  Could there be anything cuter?

Thank you so much for reading and hope your week is off to a great start!


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  1. Kate wrote:

    So many great ideas! How cute is that nativity set, and Serena would go nuts over the ice cream cart <3
    Green Fashionista

    Posted 12.11.18 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      I’m going nuts over the ice cream cart, lol. I want to get it for my kids, but half for me 😉

      Posted 12.13.18 Reply
  2. so pretty much I need it all. That shopping cart and ice cream cart stand is the cutest!!! Patrick would love that shopping cart. He already loves pushing anything and everything around my house. Such a great roundup!

    Posted 12.12.18 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      They don’t have it online anymore, but Learning Express has a wooden mini supermarket to go with the cart. It even has a checkout belt and a credit card machine that looks so real. Goes perfectly with the cart!!

      Posted 12.13.18 Reply
  3. Biana wrote:

    These are so great! I need ideas for this exact age range and now I have so much I can gift! The aqua mat is really cool!

    Posted 12.14.18 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      Oh yay, I hope that someone seriously enjoys these 🙂

      Posted 12.15.18 Reply