The Power of She With Athleta

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power-of-she power-of-she



power-of-she power-of-she power-of-she power-of-she

Let’s chat workout wear and self empowerment today ladies.  More specifically, the Power of She.  We will get more into what exactly that means in a bit.  I’m dressed in workout wear pretty much all five days of the week.  I’ve been struggling to get back into a good workout routine since Riley was born, but if I wear workout clothes I’m much more likely to try to squeeze in some sort of activity.  And I rarely have time to change until the kids are in bed at night.  I like to invest in workout wear that gets me from the gym through the rest of my day comfortably, without looking like a slob.  Something about feeling put together, even when I’m not dressed up, is empowering to me and helps motivate me to get things done, and face my day with a positive attitude.

Most of my girl friends are pretty similar to this.  Being a mom is very time consuming.  So while I love, love, love fashion, when I’m going during the week, it is easier to wear what’s comfortable.  And cute workout clothes are one of the best motivators to hit the gym!


There are a lot of days when I compare myself to other women and wonder why I can’t get my pre-baby body back.  It’s a struggle to remind myself that I’m myself and I need to focus on being strong and healthy and my best self possible.  Eating healthy, working out (endorphins are real) and wearing things that make me feel good help to empower me on a daily basis.  Not just as a mom, but as a woman who is trying to teach her daughters the same lesson. As a mother to two girls, I try to remember how important body image is.  Avery is already at an age where this is becoming a topic of conversation amongst her peers and friends.  I want to empower myself and empower my girls to be their strongest selves, in every way.

The Power of She

The Power of She is many things, not just what I was talking about above.  It also has to do with my choices on a daily basis.  I actively seek out brands that stand for something good and try to do good.  Athleta is a brand that does this by focusing on female empowerment.  Not only that, but in 2018, 40% of the fabrics used by the brand are made of sustainable fibers.  Every time I slip on my favorite high waist workout pants, I think about that.  And that makes me feel empowered. Atheta fits my changing body from pre-pregnancy, through pregnancy and now after.  This is what the power of she means to me:  choosing brands that make positive contributions to our world while doing little things throughout the day to be my strongest, healthiest, best self, and setting an example of empowerment for my children.

Side note:  Athleta carries a girls line with very sweet pieces in it that Avery is a big fan of!

Outfit Details

Pants: Athleta Salutation 7/8 Tight c/o // Shirt: Athleta Mesh Chi Tank c/o  // Sports Bra: Athleta Transcendence c/o

These pants are like butter to wear.  They feel lightweight and are ultra comfortable, but are high enough to suck everything in.  The sports bra stays put, even during an Orange Theory class and the tank is great for yoga or barre – any time you may be going upside down and need things to stay put!

What empowers you to be your best self?  Thank you so much for letting me share this with you!




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