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Happy Friday babes! I am SO happy it’s the weekend!  It’s been a minute since I have talked about anything workout-wise.  I had been slacking big time for a few months squeezing in some half-hearted workouts here and there and watching the pounds creep on and my pants get tighter.  I decided it was time to get back at it hard core and have been going strong for a couple of weeks.  I’m currently taking a couple of spin, hot yoga and barre classes a week.  On the days that I don’t do that, I do the Bikini Body Guide workouts (I modify them when my back hurts), wog (that’s a walk and jog, invented my brilliant friend Antonia) and hitting the elliptical.  I know it’s going to be a slow and steady pace to get back to where I want to be, but I just feel ten million times better spending an hour a day working out.  Let’s face it, it’s the only alone time I actually get in a day.

I have been rotating what I keep in my gym bag for a while, but have trimmed it down to some necessities and what I think really works for me right now.  A lot of the things in my gym bag are newer finds to me and what I am really loving and using on a daily basis.

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Champion Sports Bra – Target is my go-to spot for sports bras.  They’re comfortable, adjustable, come in cute colors and usually cost under $17.  I think they run on the smaller size, so go up if you’re in between sizes.  I usually keep an extra in my bag to change into after hot yoga classes, which generally end only a few minutes before pre-school pickup.

Degree Dry Spray – This deodorant is light and easy to put on, because, spray.  It smells nice and fresh so even after the most intense spin class I don’t feel like a total stinker.  I wasn’t used to deodorant in this form before, and am totally hooked!

Vaseline Lip Therapy – This is my go-to lip balm, and since I am a total lip balm addict, this is always on hand.

Beets BLU Heart Rate Monitor – After my Polar heart rate monitor bit the dust, I was using my iWatch for workouts.  It’s not my favorite for workouts, so I was so excited to try this one out.  It pairs with a ton of apps, including Map My Run.  It has a couple of basic apps, including Heart Rate, to give you a live reading.  It also pairs with a lot of the cardio equipment at the gym, which I LOVE!  It’s super lightweight and easy to wear and never leaves my gym bag.

I’m on the hunt for some great face wipes and roll on perfume to keep with me for days when I run errands after workouts, so please give me any recommendations you have!

Thank you for reading! -xx

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  1. Helen wrote:

    You know I own about a thousand Target sports bras – they’re the best! I love the roll-on’s Fresh makes!

    Posted 5.15.16 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      Target sports bras 4 eva!! I have to try the Fresh!!

      Posted 5.15.16 Reply
  2. Amanda wrote:

    I’ve been meaning to try the vasiline lip therapy, I know you recommended it to be before but I keep forgetting! That sports bra is so cute, Target can do no wrong. Ever.

    Hope you’re having a good weekend!

    Posted 5.15.16 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      It’s so good! The kids love it too! I have it in every flavor/type because I seriously am a chapstick addict. That’s a thing, right?

      Posted 5.15.16 Reply
  3. Target really does have the best/cutest sports bras! I will be stocking up on them later this summer for some pretty motivation 😉

    Posted 5.15.16 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      Yes! They have been on Cartwheel a lot too, so I feel like it’s pretty easy to never pay full price on them!

      Posted 5.15.16 Reply