Life has been anything but normal lately, but it sure has been great.  Hot as all hell, but great.  We have been traveling a lot, but basically to Atlanta, where Josh is currently working.  We aren’t moving, it’s just a job thing, blah blah.  It has been great for the kids to see a new area and experience city living, and we have been loving the atmosphere and friendliness of the city.  Summer is going by unbelievably fast, and I am just trying to keep on top of things, one day at a time.  Who is with me when I say, holy crap that is so hard to do?!  Also, my wine frequency has increased dramatically.

My babes are getting pretty good at slumbering on the go.  They have slept in airports, on planes and in cars way too much.  Now I have to get them to actually sleep in their beds at night.  THAT is the real challenge!
Atlanta has some of the coolest play grounds we have ever seen!  The kids played on one daily, and played so much more athletically than usual.  I really love this! 

I have been on a cocktail kick lately.  There is something so refreshing about a vodka or tequila craft cocktail in this heat.  Keep them coming!
I plowed through three books in the last couple of weeks.  That’s more than I have read in the last year!  I read Pretty in Ink, Momzillas and The Right Address.  I thought they were all great, easy, girlie Summer reads.


My final thought for today is this shirt that I picked up at Old Navy.  Mine is super wrinkly here from carrying Greyson, but it’s so awesome for the price!  I love anything blousey that matches a ton, and they have it in lots of colors!

I’m off to beat the heat – is it possible?!

Have a fabulous weekend babes and stay cool!


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  1. P!nky wrote:

    Traveling can be a lot of work but glad y'all are having a good time, despite the heat. The lil ones sleep are just too precious and your cocktail looks delicious!!! Boomshakalaka, it's FRIDAY! xoxo

    Posted 7.31.15 Reply
  2. I need to pick up some of those reads – I did read pretty in ink though! Sounds like you guys are having a pretty busy summer – it's great that your kids and you are getting to enjoy another city!! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    Posted 7.31.15 Reply
  3. Jenn wrote:

    Looks like you guys are taking advantage of those Atlanta parks! Looks like they are adjusting ok to all of the travel–they certainly look happy! 🙂
    Good job on all of the reads! I love ripping through books during the summer!

    Posted 7.31.15 Reply
  4. What a crazy summer! It's been hot up here so I can only imagine the Atlanta heat!! Love that top!

    Posted 7.31.15 Reply
  5. Oooo… I will have to check out those books. I love a good girlie summer read. Love your top and those shorts!! I'm impressed with how much you get accomplished with traveling with your LO's!! Happy weekend, love!

    Posted 7.31.15 Reply
  6. How fun! It is probably CRAZY hot in Atlanta right about now. Glad that you guys are keeping cool!

    Posted 7.31.15 Reply
  7. Mree wrote:

    I loved Atlanta when I visited but the heat is no joke. I like to call it Hotlanta. But I do love me some sweet tea.

    Posted 7.31.15 Reply
  8. Looks like you guys had a blat and I'm sure it was hot… You know they call it Hotlanta haha. The kids look so cute in all of the pictures and miss Maggie in the stroller – too cute! Xo

    Posted 7.31.15 Reply
  9. Welcome to my world, girl; nothing like vodka soda on a summer day 😉 Glad you guys are enjoying ATL so much. Good thing puppy has its own stroller to avoid those hot sidewalks hah. Happy weekend!

    Posted 7.31.15 Reply
  10. Love that ON top! Even though it's wrinkly it's still super cute! And loving your RayBans! Happy Friday love!

    Posted 7.31.15 Reply
  11. Loving that maxi on you girl! And yay for all the travel, and hubby time. Enjoy ATL, I haven't been there in forever!

    Happy Friday gurlie <3

    Posted 7.31.15 Reply
  12. I love Atlanta (lived there for 2 years after college) so I'm kind of jealous of the time you get to spend there!! Although I know it's hot as crap over summer!!

    Posted 8.1.15 Reply