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Let’s talk about one of my favorite topics in the Winter, Spring, Fall… you get it: dry skin.  I have ridiculously dry skin.  We are talking Sahara here.  In my years of searching for the ways to end the itchy, flakey, redness that is my face, I have come up with a handful of routines which get the job done for me.  I am sharing my current routine right now, and it is working!  My skin hasn’t been this well moisturized in a LONG time (think July in 100 percent humidity.)

Lindi Face Wash – This face wash is quite possibly the most gentle, moisturizing face wash I have ever used.  It is supposed to help achieve an optimal pH balance, and is made for sensitive, dry skin.  I use this usually once a day, before bed.  In the morning, I just splash cold water on my face unless I did a lot of cardio.  

Lindi Skin Face Serum – This is quite possibly the richest serum I have ever used.  I use this after the face wash when my skin is still a little bit damp and it just soaks it up.  If I am doing this in the morning and am going to wear foundation, I just use a tiny bit of moisturizing primer on top of it.  If your skin isn’t severely dry, this could pass as a fabulous lightweight moisturizer.  This serum is made with vitamins, botanicals and antioxidants, all things I need to help fight time!

Lindi Skin Eye Hydrator – I use this in the morning, and an anti-aging one at night.  This is amazing before undereye concealer.  It’s softening and moisturizing and creates the perfect base for any concealer.  This eye hydrator also drastically reduces my puffy eyes.  Even with my humidifier running all night, I often wake up looking like I was punched in the eyes.  I put this on even before I go to the gym, just so I don’t give the rest of the people there a good scare 😉

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – After Amanda got me hooked on this, I can’t stop raving about it.  I use this as a moisturizer and it blows my old La Mer out of the water.  It’s natural, organic, and a tiny bit goes a LONG way.  Plus, it doesn’t cost a fortune!  Other uses include, body moisturizer for me and kids, dog food, cooking, etc. etc.

So, my big trick is not over-washing my face.  I try to stick to the Lindi Face Wash once a day, in the evening, and the rest of the routine twice a day.  A humidifier all night also helps, plus drinking tons of water.  I can’t say enough good thinks about Lindi Skin Care.  The products are meant for compromised skin, particularly dry, winter-ravaged skin, and they do just the trick.  Right now, they are offering Pink and Fab readers 25 percent off with code BLOG25, as well as make a donation to the American Cancer Society’s “Look Good, Feel Better” campaign. Looking good and doing good are the best combo!  Shop —> here!

Have a fabulous (not dry!) day babes!


*This post is sponsored by Lindi Skin, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Nat wrote:

    Ok I might need to try the lindi skin care. My skin is so dry post babies. I swear it cannot do enough to moisturize it. I've started doing the only water in the morning which I think is really helping but it's still bad! I need to jump on the coconut oil bandwagon!

    Posted 3.12.15 Reply
  2. I definitely need to try that brand out!! I have just this one little spot on my upper arm (only left lol) that is dry and it's so weird!!! So happy you found something that works for you! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

    Posted 3.12.15 Reply
  3. I need to check out that brand!

    Posted 3.12.15 Reply
  4. good suggestions!! i've never heard of that brand – but you have me interested in the coconut oil!

    Posted 3.12.15 Reply
  5. Sounds like such a great brand. I love genetal washes, especially with my eczema.

    Posted 3.12.15 Reply
  6. Damn it, meant to pick up coconut oil last night at Trader Joe's. Total fail. Blame it on the wine beforehand at happy hour 😉

    Posted 3.12.15 Reply
  7. I have terrible dry skin too so I'm going to look into Lindi products! The stuff that saved me was CeraVe moisturizers – I'll never be without them again!

    Posted 3.12.15 Reply
  8. I'm hooked on coconut oil now too! SO amazing! My skin doesn't get horribly dry in the winter because it doesn't get too dry down here but these are all great tips!

    Posted 3.12.15 Reply
  9. Products* not tips LOL! Don't type while on a conference call!

    Posted 3.12.15 Reply
  10. Such a classic look I love the skincare reviews very transitional!
    Have a great Day!

    Posted 3.12.15 Reply