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Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s time for another What’s In the Bag featuring the adorable Katie Elizabeth!  You have to check out her blog – it is full of delicious recipes, beauty product recommendations and fun life bits!  Thank you so much for stopping by today Katie!

Hi everyone!  I’m Katie from Katie Elizabeth – I know, real original, huh?  πŸ™‚  I blog about a variety of topics including my life as a newlywed in Chicago, my favorite recipes and my love for any and all beauty products!  I’m so excited to be posting here on Pink and Fabulous today as this is my FIRST ever guest post!  A big thank you to Lindsay for having me!

I’m a girly girl to the core so it’s kind of strange that I never really got into purses.  Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate a beautiful bag and would give anything to have a pretty little LV on my arm, but I’ve never been one to spend a lot on purses or to switch them up everyday.  I’d say the majority of my bags are from Macy’s or Target (Steve Madden being my favorite!) and I switch my bags up every other season – so I have a fall/winter bag and a spring/summer bag (that’s the lazy girl in me!).

I’ve been carrying this Target bag since early October and it has held up surprisingly well.  I fell in love with the cognac color and the structure of the bag but most of all, the $40 price tag!

I’m a pretty organized person so you won’t find many “extra’s” in my purse – just the necessities.  I also make sure it’s cleaned up (receipts in my wallet, any trash taken out, etc) everyday.  Nothing drives me more crazy than not being able to just reach in my bag and pull out what I need!

+ If I only switch out my purse twice a year, you can probably guess how often I switch out my wallet – pretty much NEVER!  I keep them until they are falling apart and then I get a new one.  This blue/green wallet is from Urban Outfitters and is actually super special to me because I bought it on the day I got engaged!

+ This little H&M holder is home to my Chicago Card – basically a debit card that I swipe when I’m hopping on any of the cities public transportation options.  If I ever don’t want to carry my purse, I’ll also throw my ID and cash in the holder and then make my husband put it in his pocket!

+ I always have a pair of sunglasses in my purse – but I make sure they are cheap sunglasses since they are likely to get pretty banged up in there.  These aviators were only $8 at Marshall’s!

+ My planner is my LIFELINE.  I would be lost without it!  This year I’m using an Erin Condren life planner and am enjoying it!  It’s pretty big but I still manage to stuff it in my purse everyday.

+ These are all the lip products floating around in my purse, it’s so bad!  And let’s not even get into the amount that I have in my makeup drawer at home!  I absolutely can’t leave home without my Carmex – I’ve been known to stop at a Walgreens and pick up a new one if I do happen to forget it.  My two other favorites are the Buxom gloss and MAC lipstick!

+ The little pink and red bag holds all of my on the go beauty necessities – Caudalie beauty elixir (for my super dry skin!), Vanilla Bean Noel (best scent ever) hand lotion, Tylenol, Visine, hand sanitizer, a hair tie, Benefit’s They’re Real mascara (obsessed) and a cheapie lip liner.

Not pictured is my iPhone because I was using it to take pictures.  I feel like a “what’s in your bag” post can tell you a lot about a person and in my case, it definitely sums me up!  An organized, makeup obsessed, city girl!  Thanks again for having me Lindsay!


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  1. I live how organized you are and I'm the same with wallets!! Congrats on your first guest post!

    Posted 2.26.14 Reply
  2. Love*

    Posted 2.26.14 Reply
  3. P!nky wrote:

    Your bag contents looks alot like mine πŸ™‚

    Posted 2.26.14 Reply
  4. Thank you for posting today Katie!!

    Posted 2.26.14 Reply
  5. I am the same way about keeping things neat and organized – I pretty much carry one bag during the week and then switch it out on the weekends!! I am obsessed with fresh's lip products – they are pretty amazing!

    Posted 2.26.14 Reply
  6. Carly wrote:

    I rarely switch up my bag either! I end up with lip products galore in my bag all the time too! It's always fun to rediscover one I forgot was in there πŸ™‚

    Posted 2.26.14 Reply
  7. Cute bag! I had the same EC planner design last year! Love it! I change my purse with the seasons too…only I have waaaay more junk inside mine! I should adopt the "clean it out every night" theory!

    Posted 2.26.14 Reply
  8. Love Katie Elizabeth…excited to follow you on GFC!!! πŸ™‚ Xx.

    Posted 2.26.14 Reply
  9. I'm so excited to see that Target bag! I picked it the other day in my top Target list and it is so pretty and I completely agree has amazing structure. So happy to hear that the quality has kept! πŸ™‚

    Posted 2.27.14 Reply