We had a short, but sweet little vacation this weekend!  We always head to Captiva Island in Florida for a week (it was short this year for the four of us) with my parents.  This was Greyson’s first plane ride and he did really well!  The way down was much better than the way back, but isn’t that the case for all of us?  All of the grandmothers on the plane were busy loving on him anyway (remember… leaving FL for NYC…)  Here are few snaps, mostly from my Instagram addiction of the fun four days!
Traveling with two is VERY different than traveling with one!
Greyson enjoyed the sunshine and swimming (for the first time!)
Avery had a great old time swimming around too! We were all bummed it was too windy/rainy for the beach though!
And I had to take some other vacay shots:  landscapes and booze!
I’m already counting down til Memorial Day because I need SUMMER in my life STAT!

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