Teacher Gift Ideas

teacher git ideas

teacher gifts

teacher gifts

Today’s post is going to focus on something very practical for some of us: teacher gift ideas.  I realize that this does not apply to everyone reading.  But, if you have a co-worker or someone else to shop for, these are great gifts to have on hand for a them or to stock a gift closet with!

My kids are done with another school year, totally mind blowing.  I’m well aware that this is crazy early and most of the country still has days or weeks left to go.  However, no matter when school ends, there is always a point in the year during which you may need to give your child’s teacher a gift.  These are men and women who take care of our children on a daily basis, teach them learn countless lessons and help shape their futures.  I know that I have a handful of teachers from elementary school through college who have made huge impacts on my life in different ways.   I’ve also got some friends from high school and college who are teachers.  And, you guys, they work so hard without complaint, ever.  There is so much passion and love in what they do, and I am constantly in awe of them.

If you’re lucky enough to have rockstar class moms who round up a fantastic group gift, than big YAY!  Sometimes, you want to show a little extra appreciation on top of that, or you could have a completely different system.  No matter what, if you’re in the market for a gift, I put together a few ideas, all of which I am gifting this year!

teacher gifts


I’m sure you’re thinking basic.  But hear me out on these.  Candles look so pretty and smell great.  They don’t need to be burned to be used as a gift.  In a sturdy jar they can add a pop of color to decor.  Or, work as a book end, paper weight, etc.  Take the top off to add some scent to the air un-lit.  Once burned, a candle jar is super easy to empty and re-use.  Almost every jar we use in our house formerly housed a candle.  When the candle has fully burned down, stick the jar in the freeze over night.  The next day, the wax usually will fall right out or pop out easily with a knife.  I clean the rest of the wax out with some water heated on the stove.

[ shop candles here ]

teacher gifts

The O Keyring

This is a gift that repeatedly pops up on my gift guide and one that I both love to give and receive.  It’s just awesome for so many reasons and I feel strongly that everyone could use one of these.  I’ve never worked with this company and they don’t know that I exist, but I love their product!  I give these frequently as gifts and my sweet kids gifted me a new one for this Mother’s Day.  Here is why it makes a great teacher gift – they can wear it as a bracelet!  Teachers have keys on them all of the time for many different reasons.  This ring makes it harder to lose them, and easier to toss them on your wrist and take a class to the cafeteria or out to recess.  Plus, they come in so many pretty colors that they’re not going to look anything but cute!

[ shop keyring here ]

Pineapple Sponge Holder

This is the cutest little pineapple sponge holder, in white, the color that matches any kitchen or room situation.  I think this make a perfect place to stash papers, folders or envelopes that need to attended to.  And then, when the school year ends, your teacher can use it at home for the same purpose.  Or for its intended purpose, to hold sponges!  I have this and have used it for bills and incoming mail, and it currently holds our napkins.  Or for its intended purpose, to hold sponges!

[ shop pineapple here ]

laneige lip balm

Lip Product

Find me a woman who doesn’t love some form of lip product, I dare you!  Even a little chapstick can feel like a treat, and Summer weather is super harsh on our lips.  I’m a big fan of the Laneige balm, and the colors are neutral enough to match any skin tone.  Any sort of lip product can feel like a little treat!  Try to stick to something that is very neutral and subtle and more of a treatment product than a color depositing one.

[ shop lip balm here ]

teacher gifts

Cleansing Balm

Does this seem totally random to you?  I would think the same thing, but then I saw this in the store and thought it is the type of gift I would love to receive.  It’s different and it is so useful!  Plus, it isn’t something that someone may necessarily grab for themselves or want to spend the money on to purchase.  After a long day, there is something so nice about a luxurious face cleansing and this can help make that happen (without breaking the bank!)

[ shop cleansing balm here ]

. . .

What do you think?  I love hearing other people’s gift ideas, so please share them!  We can help each other out with this!   So, today, and everyday, let’s celebrate our teachers and celebrate Summer!



photography by Christian Blakely

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  1. Kate wrote:

    I can’t believe another school year is over – craziness! And yessss to candles. I gifted one to Serena’s teacher along with a gift card and some hydrating face masks so she could pamper herself <3

    Green Fashionista

    Posted 5.23.19 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      That is such a sweet and thoughtful gift! I’m sure she loved that!

      Posted 5.25.19 Reply