The Weekend Dash

The Weekend Dash

Happy Friday friends!  Welcome to the Weekend Dash!  It’s been time to refresh this weekend space and breathe some new life into it. I’m constantly bookmarking things to read and shop, so why not keep them in one spot where we can all peruse them with a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning?

This past week has been a real doozy.  I ended up in the hospital with a GI infection and was down for the count all week.  Avery has been fighting what we thought was a stomach for over a month now.  She had been getting better and then took a step backwards this yesterday.  We’re trying to figure out how to get her healthy again ASAP.  It’s been a mess of issues in this house lately and all normal life has been put on pause.  I’m hoping to be back to myself next week and have a lot of posts to hit publish on that were planned for this week.

Okay, let’s get into the good stuff!


  • How to Take Gel Polish Off at Home // I’m a notorious polish picker and get more satisfaction than one should when I peel back my gel polish.  I did follow this tutorial and it actually worked perfectly!  It is a little bit messy trying to apply the polish and wrapping your nails, but it got my polish off and didn’t damage my nails.
  • Outfit Inspiration // Athleisure is life for me right now (see this post.)  This look popped up on my feed and I realized I have all of the pieces to put it together.
  • Cleaning Supply Organization // I’m on an organize all of the things kick and this is hashtag goals.  If I could find this type of closet space somewhere in my house, I’d be making this happen immediately.  And I have seen these exact type of baskets in the Dollar Spot!
  • Hoop Sign DIY // I’ve got all of the pieces to make one of these for Riley’s room.  But I’m slightly terrified of actually doing it for some reason.  I’m convinced that I can’t make it look as good as every other one I have seen and don’t want to pay an astronomical price for.
  • Creamy Garlic Salmon // Read this recipe and try not to drool.  I’m trying to find a way to make this, or as similarly as I can, but dairy free.  I’d never think to mix sun dried tomatoes with salmon, but it just sounds delicious.  Any good tips on how to do this?


  • Target Dress // This keeps popping up on socials and now I’m positive that I need it.  The color looks gorgeous online, as does the off-shoulder cut and slightly higher front.
  • Amazon Workout Pant // Have you seen these yet?  There are few similar versions of them, but they’re all basically Lulu Align knockoff’s.  Finally, I caved and got a pair.  And they’re just as good as their higher end inspiration.  But with a killer price tag!
  • Kate Spade Crossbody // I’m absolutely swooning over this perfect little Summer bag.  The white paired with the coated straw is the ultimate neutral warm weather accessory. 
  • Pearl Ruffle Gown // Nope, definitely don’t need a gown for any reason, but words cannot describe how badly I would love to have this one in my closet.
  • Bow Flats // Quite possibly the most perfect bow detailed shoes that have ever existed. It’s a bold statement, but one I’m willing to stand by based on beauty alone.
  • Monogram Tortoise Earring // I’m blown away by these budget-friendly beauties!  Preppy, monogrammed, classic all in one fun, oversized earring.



Have an amazing weekend!



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  1. Tammy wrote:

    I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better. I’m saying a few prayers for Miss Avery. This winter has been tough on everyone. I’m a nail polish picker too ! LOL, I do my on nails now instead of getting acrylics and once the polish starts chipping I seriously pick it allll off.

    Hoping that you have a great weekend lady !

    Posted 3.15.19 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      Thank you so much Tammy! Your nails always look great so I need your tips on how to do them myself!

      Posted 3.17.19 Reply