Thirteen Fun Sale Finds

January Sale Finds

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Wanted to pop in today and share thirteen fun sale finds.  Thirteen because I am super OCD and that is a number that stands out in groupings to me.  And fun, because is there anything better than an amazing sale find? I’ve decided it’s time to embrace the sale-lover in all of us and start a new series focusing on this.  I can’t even explain the thrill I get finding something I absolutely love on sale.  Like the adorable bag that I keep adding to my cart and forgetting to check out.  (That is a stroke of seriously good shopping luck!) Or these adorable Ugg’s that I’ve been eyeing for months.  And this dress, at a much better price than when I first found it.

And a life update from our week- school was cancelled Tuesday for fear of very bad Winter weather.  Of course it was a non-event and we had mild temperatures and a really small bit of rain.  Now I have massive mom guilt over my kids not getting a single snow storm this year.  Is that normal or am I totally nuts?  I know the answer to that question and it is clearly the latter.  Also, if you have any suggestions on where to find snow in Atlanta, help a girl out! 😉  Thanks so much stopping by today and hope the rest of your week is fabulous!




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