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The Neutral Fall Shopping Guide

Fall is finally here – which means it’s time for all of the Fall shopping!  Correct me if I’m wrong, but Fall is the best season to shop for – mainly because the pieces can be so versatile and timeless.  Accessories can work just as well in the Summer and clothing in the Winter.  It’s a great time to stick to neutrals to pull through multiple seasons and pair with as much in your closet as possible.

While I generally stick to neutrals, building a strong Fall wardrobe especially revolves around them.  But this is a totally different kind of neutral.  Strong, orange-based brown hues, patterned blacks (all of the leopard!) and warm, pinks are what to shop for.  They all pair with black, white and gray seamlessly and can be worked into other color palettes easily.

Animal prints are the easiest way to add a print into your closet, which sticking to neutral tones.  And leopard is definitely considered a match-everything neutral lately.  Mauvey pinks are having a major moment, and flatter every skin tone.  Play around with textures in the form of thick knits, suede leggings, and laser cut dresses.  All of these details will take a neutral piece from so-so to extra, while keeping it as a workhorse piece in your clothing rotation.  

Have fun when you shop for these pieces.  There are so many fun twists on flats, button-down’s and other basics right now (see above!)  Let me know what you’re shopping for Fall right now!






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    • I’m usually super self-conscious in leggings, but these are SO good and fit so well. I cannot say enough good things about them!

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