My favorite shoe style last year was the flat mule.  It’s the perfect shoe for anyone who is pregnant or post-partum with swollen feet.  {Hi! Still me!}  They’re also great for anyone on the go who doesn’t want to spend time getting in and out of shoes and likes ease, comfort and versatility.

Here is my question:  are they mules or flat slides?  Or are they a backless loafer?  There are so many options and different names for this type of shoe that my head is spinning thinking about them all.  I think I was always under the assumption that mules have a heel, but a flat slide is more of a sandal in my head.  So I’m throwing flat, covered toe shoes under the flat mule category.  They are what I shall call the flat mule.

I bought three pairs of flat mules last year: a suede nude, a leopard print, and a pinkish beige with faux fur lining.  They were three different price points (high, medium, low) and I wore all three of them more than any other shoe in my closet.  They’re so easy to throw on and go and that free heel makes a world of difference if your feet swell at all.  I splurged on one pair {leopard}, got a middle of the road priced pair {neutral}, and a fun save find {faux fur-lined}.  I’m planning on wearing them all to death again this year, when we finally get closed toe temps.  See them styled last year here, here and here

There are some adorable flat mules this year, including dupes for last year’s favorites, and absolutely adorable ones that won’t break the bank.  I’ve broken them down below by price point.


$150 and under

$75 and under


What do you think – are you loving flat mules?  Share all of your favorites please!



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8 comments on “Shopping The Flat Mule”

    • You do! They got me through post-baby last year and made getting dressed and out of the house just a little bit easier (always key!) Hope that you are having a great weekend mama! XO

  1. Last year I purchased around 3 pairs of flat mules ! I’m all about keeping my toes covered…. i however like mine to have a bit of a heel, so on the search for a few pairs with a slight heel !!! Have a fabulous day !

    • They can be tricky because some are definitely size ups and some are so wide. My husband isn’t a fan either, but he doesn’t understand women’s shoes 😉

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