Hey gals!  Today we are chatting about shopping for baby girl.  Shopping for babies and kids can be one of two things.  It can be easy to score great deals and shop ahead for future sizes in the correct seasons.  Or it can be futile, never finding the specific item you are hunting for and never finding a single thing on sale.  Whatever you expect the experience to be, it will more than likely be the opposite.

I’m going to be breaking this into three separate posts because I have three children of different ages and genders.  I am by no means an expert at shopping for kids, as some of Avery’s unfortunate baby outfits can show.  But, I have figured out what works and what doesn’t, what to splurge on and where to save.  I go to my girlfriends for tips on where to shop and have learned about almost every single way to save money on kids’ shopping from them.  Moral of the story, always ask your girlfriends.  And that is what this space is for, chatting with your girlfriends! If you’re looking for maternity or baby gear, this post and this post have those details.

Today, we are going to break down shopping for baby girl.  It is where I have the most experience, so I thought I would start with what I know best.  Let’s get into it!


Shopping For Baby Girl

Let me preface this by saying that I have been shopping very different for Riley than I did for Avery.  When I was pregnant with Avery, I was terrified that they had given me the wrong gender at my 16 week ultrasound and she would actually be a boy.  I wasn’t stressed about the gender difference, but about opening, washing and not being able to return the baby clothes I had purchased.  If that isn’t something beyond ridiculous to stress about during pregnancy, than I don’t know what is.  All of that to say that shopping for girls is much easier than for boys.  Girl clothing is just easier to find and more prevalent.  And that doesn’t mean shopping for boy clothing is any less fun!  I wish that retailers stocked more clothing for boys and that specialty retailers existed for them in the same was that they do for girls.

For the purposes of this post (and future posts,) I am breaking this down into categories below.  I’m hoping to get input from all of the other mama’s reading this, so please share your thoughts!

. . . .



Onesies and Pajamas

These are save items!

These are what I consider to be basic pieces that don’t grow with baby.  The first nine months of life, they will grow through and go through these incredibly fast.  Blowouts, spit up and baby food take a toll on clothes, so I like to buy onesies that I won’t be heartbroken to throw out.  The same goes for pajamas.  We have had a few too many middle of the night spit up and blow out’s that lead to impossible to remove stains.

Where To Shop  Carter’s and Target are my favorite to shop for these.  Always buy Carter’s online or in store from them directly to get the best pricing.  They sell pajamas and onesies in multipacks n cute designs that can look pricier than they are.  Make sure to sign up for their rewards program and online mailing list to earn points and receive coupons.  Target has a new in-house line called Cloud Island, which makes the best footie pajamas.  They zip up from the bottom for super easy diaper changes.  Their material is softer and lighter than most brands too, and you can often score three packs on sale for $10.



Dresses and Outfits

Splurge on dresses and leggings, save on the rest.

One of the best reasons to buy dresses in one size too big?  They will last and grow with baby!  Wear them a little big, until they fit, and then when they are too small in length, pair them with leggings as a tunic top.  And those full length leggings that are too short now?  Wear them in warmer weather as cropped pants!  I try to get a solid year or more of use out of both of these items.

Where To Shop  BabyGap, Nordstom, baby boutiques





Bows, headbands, hair clips; they’re all so much fun to use!  However, no two babies are the same and some will have enough hair for a clip, and others will rip out every headband you put on.  I like to splurge on a couple of these after I test out a few less expensive options.  I grabbed a couple of hair clips and headbands from Target on clearance to see what Riley would actually keep in before realizing that she doesn’t do headbands, but is okay with bows.  Then, I splurged on some nicer bows that she wears very regularly.  They’re extra versatile because Avery can use them too!

Where To Shop Local Boutiques, Wee Ones, Willow Crowns, Etsy, Amazon



Shoes and Outerwear

Save on shoes, splurge on outerwear.

Shoes for baby are fairly unpractical until they are walking.  And then, those baby feet grow so fast that they are flying through shoes!  While it is tempting to splurge on sweet little baby Stuart Weitzman shoes, the reality is that they are worn for such a short amount of time that it’s just not worth investing in them until your child is older.

Outwear is a different story because it can grow with baby.  I always buy up a year in size and roll the sleeves.  If your baby is wearing something thick enough, you may not even need to roll the sleeves.  Its more important to focus on the warmth and water resistance of a coat than style.  Rain jackets are the easiest to grow with and can last several years because of the ease in sleeve rolling.

Where To Shop Carters, Nordstrom (sale section!), BabyGap, Target, Specialty Stores


Other Tips

If you shop at Target, use Cartwheel on the Target app because there are frequent sales on baby clothing.  Carter’s is clearance at Target, Kohl’s and other big box retailers frequently, so be sure to scan your stores!  Target also carries their own branded Carter’s line that often sells at a lower price point but is exactly the same as the regular Carter’s brand.  Gap has great sales, usually offering 40% off everything, including sale merchandise.  When these sales happen, I use them to stock up on clothes in the sale section in future sizes.

When it comes to pajamas, always go with zippers over snaps.  Those snaps will be the bane of your existence in the middle of the night or when your baby refuses to stay still during diaper changes.  Zippers always work!  And when in doubt, if someone offers you hand-me-downs, just say yes!

This post is not sponsored by or affiliated with any companies or brands.  It is based entirely on my own personal preferences and experiences.  I hope that you will share yours in the comments so that all of us moms can help one another out!




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8 comments on “Shopping For Baby Girl”

  1. This is so helpful ! When I was a new mom many years ago I would have loved having this information. Thank you for sharing ! Riley is adorable and you always have her dressed so cute !

    • Thank you Tammy! I wish I had this when I had Avery, that poor kid had some unfortunate outfits because I didn’t even know where to get baby clothes then!

    • The ones from Nordstrom (they’re linked under that category) are the best fitting ones for when they’re tiny that I have found. They stretch as they grow so she can wear them as she gets older – Avery can fit them too!

  2. So. Much. Cuteness! I always wanted a girl to shop for sweet little things like this:) Not surprised Target has perfect options for her (they have perfect options for everything and everyone!)!

    • Target always does it right 😉 I’m working on a boy post too, because I LOVED shopping for Greyson when he was little!

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