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Every year for as long as I can remember, I have put together a birthday wish list.  It isn’t because I have ever expected to receive all of any of the items on it, but more so that I could just fully fantasize about the most extravagant gifts for myself.  As I got older and started working (my first job ever was at FAO Schwarz at the King of Prussia mall, LOL) I realized that I could save money for one of the things on my list.  Sure, it is frivolous and completely unnecessary in every way.  But it helped teach me to save and budget from a young age.  Now I put them together as a little hint to my husband, or motivation for myself to work a little harder to be able to put aside money for something on that list.

It is officially my birthday month and week, so I’m going to indulge and share this year’s list.  Getting older isn’t as fun once you hit your thirties, but shopping always is. And, besides, isn’t fun to dream a little? 😉





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6 comments on “Birthday Shopping”

    • Haha, you know she will, but she has basically claimed the other as her own. Maybe I should just move it to her room?

  1. I’ll also take one of each please! That makeup bag is somewhat affordable at least, and I love all of the pockets!

    Black Coffee Beautiful

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