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Ok ladies, hide your wallets because it’s time to shop the Shopbop Event of the Season sale.  And it is so, so good.  Here is why this is my favorite sale to shop – you get discounts on designer pieces, splurge items and wardrobe basics that you normally wouldn’t.  And they’re good discounts!  Twenty percent for purchases under $500, and twenty five percent for purchases over $500.  If you’ve been saving up for a handbag, dress, shoes, whatever it may be, this is the time to snag it.  If you happen to be my husband, it’s also a great time to shop for my birthday next week.  Wink, wink.  I’m kidding… kind of.

But in all seriousness, this is a great time to snag something you have been eyeing and don’t love the price tag of.  It’s also the perfect time to restock on basics from denim to sneakers.  My favorite sunglasses and earrings, which I wear daily, are included.  I’m trying to narrow down my cart from the 15 items currently sitting in it, but it is a struggle!  And yes, I’m super annoyed with myself for wanting a pair of Golden Goose sneakers.


What I Have and Love


What I’m Shopping


Happy shopping babes!  Let me know any fun goodies you score!



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4 comments on “Shopping the Shopbop Event of the Season Sale”

    • I try to wait until these sales to shop (unless I really have to have something) because it’s generally the only time to get the savings on a lot of brands. So worth it!

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