camo-in-your-closetcamo-in-your-closetShorts: Caslon  / Top: old, similar  / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Shoes: Tory Burch / Bag: Longchamp

Hey gals! It’s me, Lindsay, the harried mom who cannot get herself together lately!  I blame the renovations currently going on, but I’m pretty sure it’s just life in general.  Either way, I am living in a house full of boxes and stuff.  And it’s everywhere, literally.  I’m constantly plotting all of my future organization products once we can move things to the basement.  Should I share them on here?  Are you all as obsessed with all things organizing as I am?  But enough about my truly trivial rant, let’s talk about the fun stuff – camo pieces to shop!

Let’s Chat About Camo

It’s official: camo is a neutral.  Over the last few years it has definitely increased in popularity and become more of a feminine print and I am HERE for it.  While I have been gradually adding pieces of camo to my closet here and there over the years (like this dress and this tee), I am currently in the middle of a full fledged purchasing assault on it.

Let’s talk about these shorts for a second.  First of all, I’m currently wearing them as I type them.  And I may have worn them three other times this week.  They’re the kind of perfect for any activity type of short that I pull out of the dryer and put right on.  I had my eye on them for a while and they kept selling out, but have been re-stocked multiple times.  I apologize that they are currently sold out, but I promise to keep checking on them!

Camo Pieces To Shop

Since my shorts are the tip of my personal camo iceberg, I thought I would share all of the camo pieces to shop right now that are actually available.  Almost everything on here is at my house or sitting in one of my zillion online shopping carts.


Are you loving camo as a neutral as much as I am?  Let me know your thoughts! Hope your week is going great!




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10 comments on “Camo Pieces To Shop”

  1. CAMO CUTIE in those shorts! You know I’m in major Camo love over here as we did a whole Camo theme for the Blended Blog fashion link up last week. Have a GREAT weekend beautiful!

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