It’s here!  The Nordstrom Sale Early Access is live for cardholders!  I’ve had my card for ten years now (yikes!) and this is my favorite benefit to it.  I love that I can snag everything I want right now before it sells out.  If not, don’t worry!  The sale will be open to the everyone on the 20th!  I’d planned on having this post up first thing in the morning, but Riley woke up not feeling well and had other plans for the day.  So I apologize if things are already sold out- hoping they will restock or returns will come in!

I’m breaking everything down into categories to make it easier to shop.  I’m still using so many beauty products that I snagged last year during the sale.  So many things in my closet are still favorites from last July.  Also, this is when I really get the ball rolling with Christmas shopping.  The gift options are endless and I always knock out a big chunk of my list.  It’s the perfect time stock your gift closet and outfit your kids for the new school year.  I only buy my kids jackets and sneakers for the year during this sale.  I’ll typically buy them each two pairs of sneakers, one in the next size up for the second half of the year.

Don’t shop just to get a good deal in this sale.  Try to shop for things you will use or get wear out of.  There are some ridiculously good deals, but sometimes they’re too good and you need to go for quality and what you know will be a good ROI for you.

If you have any questions, let me know.  I’m so happy to help you shop this sale, and know how overwhelming it can be!





Workout Wear

Lounge Wear







What are your thoughts?  Did you shop?  I’m totally down with everyone who doesn’t want to shop this sale or finds it extremely annoying.  I can see that point of view fully!  But if you’re like me, and want to strategically (or just for fun) shop this sale, I hope you score everything on your list!



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