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Have you ever been on the hunt for something extremely specific that you don’t know exists, but you can see clearly in your mind?  For years, I have been on the hunt for a dainty pearl bracelet.  I’m partial to pearls because of their timelessness, and I absolutely love dainty jewelry for its wearability.  This pearl bracelet was something I could perfectly envision in my mind, but not find anywhere.

And then I found it.  The one bracelet I had dreamed up in my head for years.  I could not have ordered it fast enough and tore open the box upon its arrival to immediately wear it.  It was truly love at first sight!

AUrate Jewelry

I want to introduce you all to a new brand I found and am absolutely loving called AUrate. The pearl bracelet of my dreams that I have been wearing constantly is from AUrate and is becoming my most worn piece of jewelry, besides my wedding rings.  It’s simple, delicate and matches everything.  I can wear it alone or with an arm full of bracelets, and it works perfectly with everything in my jewelry box.  It is exactly what I saw in my mind but could not find elsewhere.

AUrate makes durable, quality jewelry made with sustainable materials at transparent pricing.  The pieces are made from the purest 14 and 18 karat gold, only S1 clarity diamonds and pearls from Japan and the South Sea.  I love and seek out brands that focus on high quality products, honest and fair pricing and sustainable practices.

AUrate has so many beautiful pieces to choose from, and I’m swooning over all of the dainty pieces that could work for every day.   There are beautiful statement pieces, but I also love that there are so many simple, beautiful styles that can be worn all of the time.  I find it so elegant when someone has a signature piece that is constantly on them. It is the basis of their accessories wardrobe and they work all other pieces they wear around it.  This is something I cycle through over the years- I wear my most cherished and current favorite item of jewelry all of the time and only take it off if I absolutely must.

My AUrate Favorites

Having a signature piece that works with everything you wear is a pillar of timeless and classic style.  It’s simple, easy and chic.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good arm party, but there are some days where one beloved piece makes more of a statement.  Gold, pearls and diamonds are my favorite elements to include in a piece.


You can shop all of these pieces here.


Thank you for reading and hope you have a great rest of your week!




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10 comments on “My Favorite Pearl Bracelet and Dainty Jewelry Shopping”

    • Thank you! It is exactly what I had in my mind and was searching for for years. I’m clearly wearing it as I type this of course 🙂

    • That pearl ring is on my anniversary/birthday/Christmas list for Josh 😉 Thank you so much! It’s a little harder to style in the humidity, but I’m liking it!

    • It’s literally what I had in my head and could not find! I’m so happy I discovered them because they have really perfect pieces that not too many others do! Hope your week is going great mama!

    • I’m so glad you like it! I cannot even describe how obsessed I am! I’m hoping a few things off my wish list show up for my birthday 😉

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