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Happy July babes!  Summer is flying by and we are one month out from the start of a new school year!  How crazy is that?!  We are on vacation in Captiva, Florida right now, which I will recap for you all if you’re interested.  I am not great at travel recaps and tips, but this place is one spot I have mastered.  This trip involved me flying with all three kids by myself, and it was an experience.  Riley isn’t a fan of being constrained in any way, Greyson has no sense of volume and Avery has massive flying anxiety.  There were a lot of stares, but we did it!

I love when bloggers post monthly round up’s.  It helps me find posts I may have missed, and it’s a fun way to wrap up everything in one concise post.  This is my first time doing this, so let me know your thoughts on it!  Let’s look back on June!


Favorite Purchases

  • Hands down, my most favorite was my blender.  I love that I can toss everything in, blend and drink from the same cup.  And that I can toss it in my dishwasher!  The best part is that I was able to get it at the best price by searching through WikiBuy.  I use their Chrome Extension to help find sales and deals on things I am shopping.
  • It’s been a couple of years since I bought a new pair of Jack Rogers, but these are my favorite shoe purchase lately.  I’ve always loved leather brown and they match everything.  This is the Noah style and they ran a little bit on the larger size.They’re currently on vacation too! 😉
  • I’m loving this little white dress I grabbed (it’s almost always sale still!) and can’t stop wearing.  It goes perfectly with the Jacks, and pretty much everything else in my closet.  It’s on heavy rotation right now in Florida – don’t judge me for re-wearing it so often.
  • Riley’s new car seat is such an adult purchase to love, but I really do.  It’s big but fits in a row with both of her siblings next to her comfortably.  Plus, I love the color and that I can wash it!

Watching, Reading & Doing

  • I have no favorite books to share because I never have time to read one, or stay awake when I try to.  Next year, hopefully!  I am, however, finally catching up on my back stock of US Weekly’s.  As in I just finished an issue from 2016.  My OCD won’t let me just throw them away until I read them all cover to cover, so I do this whenever I’m doing cardio.
  • We are currently finishing up the second season of Riverdale.  I love a dark, angsty teen drama and this delivers!  Next on our list is the Staircase, no spoilers please!
  • Avery and Greyson are done with camps, so I am filling the remainder of our Summer with lots of travel, family time and pool days.  That is my favorite way to spend our days together!
  • I’ve started going to Orange Theory and I’m really loving it.  It’s like personal training, but in a group setting.  It was intimidating at first, but I really like that there are options for every fitness level, so you never feel like you’re missing out.  I just cannot figure out how to get the heart rate monitor work right for the life of me!


Favorite Blog Posts

Thank you for reading and following along!  I hope you have a great fourth of July week!  Check back for some sale rounds up’s – the ones I’m seeing already are so good!



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  1. Biana wrote:

    We use our nutribullet every single day – love it so much!!

    Posted 7.2.18 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      Oh yay I’m so glad to hear that! Any favorite recipes that you recommend?

      Posted 7.8.18 Reply
  2. Andrea Nine wrote:

    Love that little white dress! You are one brave mama so I hope you get to relax and enjoy every precious second of Captiva, just been there once but loved it! Been to Sanibel several times. Yes girl, give us a recap and have sooooo much fun!

    Posted 7.2.18 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      I wore that white dress three times on vacay! Captiva is our happy place, we have been going since I was in high school – aka wayyy too long 😉

      Posted 7.8.18 Reply
  3. Kate wrote:

    Congrats on flying with all 3 kiddos, enjoy every second of your vacay! And loving the colors in Riley’s new ride <3
    Green Fashionista

    Posted 7.3.18 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      Aww thank you! I’m so obsessed with it!!

      Posted 7.8.18 Reply
  4. Lisa wrote:

    We use the Nutribullet pretty much every day too! (For both us AND our baby girl) It’s the best! You inspired me to do my own Favorites so I linked your blog in my post too! (It’s not quite up yet, but I am hoping to finish by this evening!

    Posted 7.3.18 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      Do you make baby food in it? Do you have any favorite smoothie recipes using it? I’m still getting used to it and haven’t tried anything aside from my usual yet (I’m so boring!) That is so sweet, I can’t wait to read it!!

      Posted 7.8.18 Reply