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Today’s post has been an almost year long labor of love.  I have been putting this together practically since Riley was born, and changing it as we go along, based on what we really, truly love.  But before we get into all of the baby gear, a little background first.

When Avery was born, Josh and I were the first among all of our friends to become parents.  We started a little younger than most and had to learn as we went along.  Baby products were totally foreign to both of us, so we spent a lot of unnecessary time and money trying them all.  We then moved from California to Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  All of our baby gear that we brought with us was in a storage unit which got water damage, effectively destroying it all.  The only things that survived without mold or rot were some of Avery’s baby clothes and toys.  [ These are all being used by Riley currently and giving me all of the feels.  Why do they have to grow up so fast?! ]  When Greyson was born, we had to buy all new everything.  I’m talking down to every last baby sock.

Fast forward to last Summer when we were unpacking everything.  So much of what we had already was outdated or beat up from being hauled around for five years.  We had to replace a lot of products and invested in some new ones.  All of this to say, we have put a lot of time, money and thought into baby products.  We know what we like based on our needs and what our kids like and actually use.  We’ve also found out what doesn’t work or live up to the hype and price.  This list doesn’t include everything, but focuses on what we and Riley really love right now.


Top Row 1 – 7

one – The most versatile burp cloths you can buy.  After you’re done using them for baby burp time, they make the most fantastic, absorbent, full coverage bibs.  These have saved countless outfits from epic food messes!

two – We love this sleep sack for transitioning from the swaddle.  It has a lightly weighted egg in the front which helps baby get the same secure feeling of the swaddle, while they adjust to the freedom of being in a sleep sack.

three – After months of using this to play with (the front is removable), Riley now uses this to pull up on and take a few steps with.  It’s not crazy expensive and will amuse them for months.

four – I adore our high chair, and not just for the fun look of it.  It is ridiculously easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and can raise up and down like a salon chair.  We roll Riley around in this to eat at the table with us or over to the sink for easy cleanup.

five – This is our third child wearing Babiators.  They’re adorable and work really well at keeping the sun out of their eyes.  Riley still prefers to play with them, and they’re incredibly durable for this.

six – Even if you don’t have kids, get a lawn drying rack.  You will never dry your glassware any easier!

seven – Riley’s most prized, special possession is her Sloth.  She cannot go anywhere without it, and sleeps with it every night and nap.  It’s essentially a flattened stuffed animal that doubles as a security blanket.  We have bought three so far, for fear that we lose one!


Bottom Row 8 – 14

eight – I should start this off by saying that Josh detests this stroller.  Riley and I, however, love it.  It is labeled with the steps to open and close it, and it folds smaller than any other stroller we have tried (that is nine over the years.)  The seat can face forward or backward, and the black material does not get hot in the sun!

nine – A soft bristled, detangling wet brush for babies with lots of hair!

ten –  Toss your mesh food strainers and get these immediately.  They’re great for teething and for baby to eat fruits and veggies.  They clean so easily and actually last!

eleven – Riley still only uses Comotomo bottles, which I have a love/hate relationship with.  They’re excellent for breastfed babies to transition back and forth with.  But they’re crazy expensive and tip over.  The best part about them is that they make handles to turn them into sippy cups, which we are starting to use, and love!

twelve –  Riley adores these books!  We have at least eight of them now, and rotate through which ones we read before bed each night.  She loves the different textures and will sit and explore these very happily.

thirteen –  This ball pit was a quality HomeGoods find, but it’s still available online.  Riley loves playing in this and carries the balls all over the house.  Both of her older siblings are fans of it too, but don’t tell them I let that slip!

fourteen –  I don’t know what kind of voodoo magic makes babies love Sophie so much, but they all seem to.  We were in a panic when we thought we lost this in Florida last week, but we luckily located her!  Side note: if you have a dog who loves squeaky toys like ours, keep this out of reach!

If you made it this far, thank you for bearing with me and my product thoughts.  If you have any great products you love, please share! We need to help each other out with our thoughts on these things – in the comments!




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  1. Kate wrote:

    Love that you were able to salvage some of Avery’s clothes for Riley! Serena has that ball pit, and LOVES it! <3
    Green Fashionista

    Posted 7.13.18 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      Isn’t that ball pit the best? I love that Serena has it too!! Baby twins!

      Posted 7.14.18 Reply