In the blink of an eye the school year ended and it is officially Summer!  Life has been a blur of pool parties, camp days and juggling new schedules.  I’m currently writing this post at 10:51 p.m. with Maggie snoozing on the couch next to me, and three kids in bed much later than they should be.  I want to play a little catch up today, after stepping away for a bit.  Sometimes a little breather is necessary, especially when you can’t get a second to sit down!

After a few hectic weeks, it’s time to get my life in order and start fresh with a new week!




The end of the school year was a whirlwind of parties, school events and teacher gifts.  I’m still trying to dig through and organize all of the artwork and projects that came home.  I can’t bear to part with any of them, so if anyone has great recommendations on how to store it all, please share!

Once school ended, we immediately jumped into pool parties and camps.  After a couple of weeks of this and going, going, going, we are finally slowing down.  We are so lucky to be able to do these things for our kids and as a family, but there are definitely days where I struggled to get everything done and keep up with the fun stuff.  There are days where I get so overwhelmed, but I try to remind myself that Summers with my kids are limited, and work and the chores can wait.  I’m trying to remind myself of this anytime I start to feel too “behind” at things.  And it really helps me relax and be more present.




We had a leak in our basement, which is going to be a major project to fix and sooner than later.  I’m both panicked and a little excited to rearrange things around it because I have been itching to move the kids’ play space elsewhere.

Another major project we have on the very near horizon:  replacing all of our windows.  I’m really feeling my adulthood because of my excitement over this.  I don’t think I ever cared about windows before in my life until our last house.  We have a limited amount of them in our current home and not a ton of light.  I’m hoping the styles we picked (we got rid of the grates on them) will let in more light and give me the modern farmhouse feel I’m craving.   I have also decided that my decorating style is modern, glam farmhouse.  😂  I’m not sure that that is even a thing, but it’s definitely what I am going for!




I have so many posts in the works that I am excited about and new content that I hope you all will like!  Truth be told, this space needs some TLC.  I used to devote one day per week just to working on the actual website.  Since Riley, that day has gone by the wayside, but I am making it a priority once again, starting this week.  Sometimes I forget just how much work goes into maintaining a website!

So many things have been on my “to blog” list that I cannot wait to tackle and share!  I’m a big believer in writing about what I want to read about on someone else’s blog.  Is this what you want to see and read?  Let me know!


Hope your week is off to a great start!



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8 comments on “Life Lately // June 2018”

  1. I can’t believe school is over for you guys – my nieces and nephew are going until the end of JUNE!! Can’t wait to see all the posts you have ready to share with us! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

    • It ends and starts crazy early here! I guess it’s a blessing because we miss the brutally hot part of Summer. Hope you’re having a great day pretty lady! XO

  2. Eek, I am so excited for all your post ideas. You are so cute and real and I’m excited for what you bring to the blog table, even excited over your Windows! Happy week ahead girl! xo

    • That is just the nicest thing to say and I cannot tell you how much you made my day with those sweet works!

    • Thanks lady! Blogging takes so much time, it can be crazy, especially if you want to make it perfect (which doesn’t even exist.)

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