Oh how I love my Young Living Essential oils.  So many things in my life, and my family’s life have changed since we started incorporating essential oils into our daily lives.  And we use them daily, all of us, multiple times a day in multiple ways.

Today, I wanted to share my four favorite diffuser blends.  I have at least one diffuser running at all times somewhere in our house from the time I wake up until well after we have gone to sleep.  In fact, there are almost always three running nightly for sleep support.  I began to notice that I go to the same few blends in our diffusers on a regular basis, even though I do mix it up with a lot of other mixes.  I’m sharing the top four that we use the most often in our house and are staples for us.



Lemon and Peppermint

I diffuse these two oils every single morning.  As soon as I stumble downstairs and pour coffee, I add this to our main living area diffuser.  Then, I actually drink my coffee.  These two oils pack a powerful punch.  They’re uplifting and help support our energy levels, particularly when paired together.  They make a great combo for seasonal relief, and they smell pretty amazing together.



Cedarwood, Lavender, Stress Away

This is my night time triple threat.  Some combination of this is in our master bedroom diffuser nightly.  I will often run this in our living area diffuser from the evening on as well.  Stress Away smells like vacation in a bottle.  Lavender is fantastic for supporting sleep (amongst many other things.)  And Cedarwood smells and feels cozy, calming and grounding.  I also like to keep rollers of these three for Josh, the older kids and I to use nightly.



Orange, Stress Away and Ylang Ylang

This is one of my favorite blends to pop into the diffuser for late afternoon or evening, when we are winding down for the day.  The Stress Away is a go-to during homework time, witching hours, and the bedtime battle with the kids.  Ylang Ylang is one of my favorite oils based on the smells, but I also love it for promoting peacefulness and filtering out negativity.  And orange, such a versatile oil for uplifting moods and supporting relaxation.



The Anthro Blend

This sweet little blend has been floating around social media lately, and it lives up to the hype!  I’m a huge fan of Anthropologie’s selection of candles, and I think they all have the same aroma as the store in general.  I can’t exactly describe what it is, but it smells good.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love my candles, but I try to limit their use due to toxins released from burning them.  This blend smells just like the store and the candles to me.  However, it’s filled with oils that can support mood by promoting both uplifting and grounding.  This is on in multiple diffusers around our house very often.  It’s one of my go-to’s if we are having people over!


Ok, share all of your favorite blends in the comments please!  If you want to chat about oils or have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email at dashofprettyblog@gmail.com or message me on Instagram.  I have an oil account there as well, @adashofwellness where i post tips, tricks and info about essential oils.


Have a fabulous day babes!  -XO


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8 comments on “My Four Favorite Essential Oil Diffuser Blends”

  1. I’m so new to oils, but I have three that I like to use before people come over or if we have fish cooking LOL!

    • They’re so great for when there are stinky smells! I love just how many functions and systems they support, too!

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