Happy Monday babes!  I’m happy it’s another new week to start and Monday!  Am I the only one who does this?  Before I had kids, I mourned the loss of the weekend with serious Sunday blues.  But now, I love that I have a fresh start and a reset button each week.  It’s comforting and motivating in a weird way.  I’m approaching this Monday the way I do most – with a clean slate and healthy outlook for my diet and exercise.

How sick are you all of hearing my talk about diet and post-baby body issues?  I know that I have touched briefly upon body changes and body image here, but I wanted to discuss working with it a little further today.  And possibly make this more of a recurring topic on A Dash of Pretty.  I’m very much not offended if this doesn’t appeal to you.  However, I lap it up eagerly anytime bloggers or friends open up about this topic.  I find it so interesting and think we can all gain so much knowledge from each other.

Everyone is in different stages of life and experiencing different things with their bodies.  Mine is a struggle between prescribed medications, pregnancy and everything that having a baby does to you.  It’s a topic that I think about daddress daily.  Today, I want to start with my personal Step One in getting my body back – testing to see what is going on.


I have done three rounds of testing so far.  First, my doctor ran blood work on me a few months ago.   If I’m being totally honest, I was hoping that it would say there was something going causing me to feel tired and not be able to lose any baby weight.   There wasn’t.  And for the record, I have only lost ten pounds of baby weight despite months of breast feeding, exercising and watching what I eat.

I then ordered some at home testing from a company I had read about, and a favorite blogger of mine had used and loved.  My experience was not nearly as great as hers.  It promised to break things down in a clear and understandable way with tactics to approach your results.  It did not do this at all.

Then, Home DNA reached out and I thought there was no harm in trying.



How It Works

First, go to Home DNA, pay for order your kit.  Your kit arrives in the mail within a few days, which you will then register.  The kit comes with swabs for the inside of your cheeks, a return mailing envelope and instructions.  It took me maybe five minutes tops to complete the entire process, including putting the return envelope in my mailbox.

You’re able to check your test status on the website, which is where you will also receive your test results.  I loved being able to track it in real time, mostly because I have zero patience like my children, and when it comes to this type of information, I’m just so extra.

It could not be an easier process, and the price was less than what I owed my doctor after my insurance.  Your results will all be available online in a pdf format are extensive.  Mine were 72 pages long!  This includes your results, breakdowns of each component and multiple diet and fitness plans.







The diet analysis portion is probably my favorite part of the results.  My ability to lose weight is BELOW AVERAGE.  That’s not what anyone wants to see, but this test gave me some really great strategies to face this.   These are my actual results above.  They are broken down into sections and wording that anyone can understand and work with.

My results say that my body likes a moderate amount of protein, not too much fat, and a reasonable amount of carbohydrates.  For years, my doctor and trainer pushed a low carb, high-protein diet on me.  I never lost weight and they both would blame it on random factors (stress, not eating at the right time, etc.)  But I always felt like I needed carbs.  I never felt well when I was avoiding them.

The results included several days worth of meal plans that fit the macronutrient recommendations.  Each meal and snack included the calories, fat, protein, and carbs with it, as well as specific brands of products to use (i.e.  Silk Almond Milk.)



I have always gravitated towards cardio, but for years people told me I needed to be doing other things.  And my body didn’t respond when I did.  The test results said my body actually does respond to cardio based on my gene types.  My results gave specific amounts of time recommended for weight loss, as well as how much I should be incorporating weighted workouts.  There was also several weekly workout plans, involving the gym, classes or at home workouts.



One of the most interesting aspects of the results to me, was the vitamin and nutrient assessment.  I was shocked at what I was lacking, such as Vitamin A and B12.  I’ve already ordered some on Amazon, of course.  😉   Vitamins and nutrients are something I forget easily, and a reminder that I’m not getting enough of certain ones is important.  This was easily the most eye opening part to me, because I do not think about how these vitamins and nutrients are affecting how I feel on a day to day basis.


Final Thoughts

I’m so happy that I have information in my hand that is broken down into layman’s terms for me.  And I have information which I can physically hand to my doctor.

My biggest takeaway:  there are fad diets and there are fad workouts, but always trust your gut and the way your body feels.  For example, I kept adding in fats to my diet because I kept reading about it, but that isn’t the best fit for my body.  This reaffirms that I need to do what fits for me and what I know works for me, versus someone else.

My goal for this space has always been to make it a place of honesty, encouragement and a spot where we can lift each other up.  I really hope that I can keep discussing this topic further on here, and we can all share our experiences as well as tips and tricks to help each other.

Hope your Monday is off to a great (and healthy) start!  -XO


I received a Home DNA Healthy Weight Analysis test for free.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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10 comments on “Home DNA Healthy Weight Analysis”

    • It’s FANTASTIC! I had a doctor appointment today and brought the results with me and saved myself on a bunch of tests!

    • That is the best part. It takes the info and really tells you what to do with it, which doesn’t usually happen otherwise. It’s so motivating and helpful!

    • I hope you try it! It’s SO interesting to see how your body processes things and what works and doesn’t work based on what your body is saying. This is one of the best things I have done for my health and understanding of it.

    • You should! I was SO shocked by a lot of it and really, really, really am so glad I was able to do this. I brought it with me to the doctor today and she told me it was so helpful to have that information on hand already.

    • It is so helpful to know that, and what helps fuel your body (specifically.) I feel like this was a major eye opener and I just feel so prepared going forward!

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