Friday, I am so happy to see you, Daylight Savings and all.  That’s a bold statement since all parents loathe this time change.  Actually, doesn’t everyone kind of on the Sunday after?  I’m hoping for the best with this time change, so fingers crossed.

Our week was a little crazy, to say the least.  Riley got a nasty cold and has been very much not her happy self.  Girlfriend wouldn’t let me put her down at all, so I’m behind on all of the things.  Maggie had a series of seizures, which was so scary and we have been trying to get her back on her feet all week.  And then there was all of the Bachelor drama; my heart couldn’t handle it!  This week has had me all kinds of shook up, but at least Becca gets her run as the Bachelorette! 😂

Don’t forget there is still time to enter the Jord Watch giveaway and get a discount code here!  Now, let’s get into all of the good stuff for this weekend…



A round up of street style from NY fashion week // One of my favorite reads every year because it is so real, effortless and chic.  Real peoples’ style is always my favorite.

Healthy food swaps  // I love finding delicious and healthier alternatives for things I’m eating.  Coconut aminos are the only one on this list I have tried and I can’t tell the difference.  Have you tried any of the ones mentioned?

Meghan Markle’s Acai Bowls // My girl crush on Meghan Markle has been going on since the first season of Suits. And I was an avid read of The Tig, her former blog.  She really knows what she is doing when it comes to food – which makes her engagement retelling of roasting a chicken even better.

Meghan Markle’s Style // Let’s just keep going with the girl crush, shall we?  Her style is so chic.  I used to try to research different pieces she was styled in long before Like To Know It was a thing.

Healthy With Nedi // Meet my newest healthy blog obsession.  Nedi’s blog is full of healthy tips and recipes.  She knows her way around a GG cracker and a skinny cocktail.  What else do you really need?

Instagram Photo Editing //  Lauryn Evart’s Instagram is swoon-worthy and so cohesive.  You can’t go wrong with her editing tips and tricks.  I found a new photo editing app from this that I am really digging.  Search her blog for an interview with Nedi, too!



Hope your weekend is great!  -XO

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8 comments on “The Weekend Edit”

  1. So sorry to hear Riley was sick, sending lots of hugs especially for Daylight Savings. Florida is trying to pass a law to abolish it, and we’ll stay in Daylight Savings always moving forward. No more “falling back” or “springing ahead” and it won’t be dark out at 4:30/5:00 in the winter. Yes please! <3
    Green Fashionista

  2. I think the monday after is especially hard after DST! I’m sorry that it was such a rough week – I hope the weekend was filled with a little less excitement!

    • I can never say no to a good pom pom! Thank you! I don’t know where she got that crazy dark hair from! Not that I know what my real hair color is anymore lol.

  3. Oh sweetness, hope this Week is going better and baby girl is feeling better! You guys look so cute in that selfie!

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