Oh hey there girlfriends!  Remember me?  These days I seriously cannot get my life together to save my… life.  This little blog is not the only thing to feel abandoned; my work, my house, my diet, my workouts, basically everything in my life has been the hottest of hot messes.  I honestly have never felt more in the trenches than I do right now.

I’m not complaining, nor am I looking for sympathy here.  I just like to be transparent and chat about what it’s like to be in this season of life.  Because one day I will miss this time so hard and I want to be able to look back on it and remember all of craziness of it.  You know how the saying goes, “the days are long but the years are short.”



This is life right now…

I decided to put aside all of my high priority items on my to-do list and reorganize our entire house.  It’s never been fully together because I was so pregnant when we moved and doing anything just wasn’t on my radar. So, in a nutshell, there is crap everywhere.  I’m talking piles in our living room, sitting room, and hallways.  Our dining room table is covered in glassware and dishes looking for a spot – side not, does anyone else hoard glassware?  But I am chipping away at it – slowly.   I just need to figure out how and where to store it all without purchasing all new furniture.

Most nights, dinner is a hodgepodge of things mixed together from our freezer, thank goodness for Trader Joe’s!  Laundry is constantly sitting in baskets in my bedroom and piles of magazines and mail are our current kitchen and living room decor of choice.  Also, be careful that you don’t trip on a Lego literally anywhere in our house.

And these pictures are a few months old.  How behind am I?!  I still wear this top, pants, sneaker, and bag combo almost daily, though!



My Current Style

Unless we have plans on the weekend, I haven’t worn anything besides workout clothes in weeks.  But guess what? I have actually stayed on top of my time management (minus anything work related. LOL)  The kids and I have a good routine down, managing Maggie’s intense schedule (dog neediness > baby neediness), and I have figured out how to fit in workouts, a little bit of work, and the occasional daytime shower.  If that isn’t winning, then I don’t know what is. 😂

Workout pants and oversized sweaters are my jam right now.  If I can squeeze in a workout, then I’m ready to go, and if not, then I’m comfortable.  My Lululemon leggings are the best.  I wore them throughout my pregnancy and they are still lasting me now.  I just got a new pair last week so I could expand my color choices.  Oversized sweaters help hide that new mom bod, and are perfect for layering in these unpredictable temps.   And sunglasses are my best friend for hiding the circles that show my baby doesn’t feel like sleeping through the night.




Outfit Details

Sweater [Free People], Workout Pants [Lululemon], Sneakers [New Balance via J.Crew], Bag [Tory Burch], Sunglasses [Ray-Ban]


I’m super type A and a ball of anxiety at all times, and while these things usually make me completely crazy, they just aren’t bothering me as much as they normally would.  I think I have accepted that the third child really rocked my world and things are going to be upside down for a bit.  And I’m kind of okay with that.

But, seriously, a major shoutout to all of the mom’s out there and all of the women who manage so much in life.  We should be lifting each other up daily because no matter what our life situation is, there is always a lot to manage and a lot on our plates. Kids, work, families, pets, school, volunteering, the list goes on, but we all manage so much, whether we realize it or not.  And we are all rockstars for getting through this crazy life!

Hope you have a great day!  -XO

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14 comments on “Life Lately // March 2018”

  1. Hey lady ! I’m loving those New Balance Sneakers, super cute ! You got it correct, this is your season right now and it will pass. Believe me, I was there for a long time ! Somedays when I have the grandkids I feel like it’s a repeat for me ! Have a wonderful Wednesday beautiful !

    • Thank you Tammy! I’m glad I am not the only one. It’s such a crazy mess, but the best kind and I try to remind myself when I feel overwhelmed that I am going to miss this all so much all too soon. Hope you’re having a great day! XO

  2. You look great! I can only imagine how much the third baby rocked your world, I mean I think it would rock mine and I still have a stubborn 3 yr old in diapers so I can’t even imagine you going back to square one!!

    • It definitely rocked my world, not in the same way as the second, but I think a lot of it is accepting the world rocking and just going with it, lol.

  3. Having 3 and being a Type A, I get it and I am here to tell you it’s gets better…..never easy but better! You’ll worry but but feel less crazy. No mattter what just remember you’re not alone and you look adorable!! Hugs!

    • That helps so much to hear! If I wanted easy, I wouldn’t have had kids right? LOL. Thank you so much sweet friend!

  4. Girl, you are looking good for being a mama of THREE! 3 would definitely rock my world! Don’t ever apologize for being REAL and transparent! My house is also a mess most of the time with 2 toddlers, I can only imagine what it would be like if we threw in another baby! Take everything one day at a time and yes, you will miss this time soon!! LOVE the sneaks!!

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