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Today we are chatting splurge worthy beauty products.  We love having them, but hate to buy them, or at least I do.  It’s so hard to part with the money for a beauty product because you know they will be used up.  (Except for a few things, like a hair dryer.)  But sometimes, I just want to treat myself, or something a little pricier just works a little better.  (To note:  that isn’t always the case!)

I have had a lot of hits and misses when it comes to beauty products, including some that practically hurt to spend the money on.  Some of the priciest products don’t work anywhere near as well as my drugstore favorites.  I’m sharing my favorites with you that I think are truly worth the price, only.  These are products that I truly love, repurchase, swear by and use on a daily basis for the most part.  I love my hair dryer, but I am way too lazy to dry my hair every day.  😉

Let’s get into some great products-



  T3 Hair Dryer

Being obsessed with a hair dryer was not something I thought would happen, but it has.  This is not only the prettiest dryer, but it gets my super thick mop dry fast.  My hair is also healthier and smoother since using this, plus it’s not super loud.



 Oribe Dry Texture Spray

The most magical hair product in all of the land.  Every blogger raves about this product for good reason – it is legit!  My hair is thick, wavy and a little coarse.  It works as well on my hair as it does on fine, thin hair like my mom’s.  It smells divine and works as a setting spray, texturizer, dry shampoo, refresher and volumnizer all at once.



Oribe Gold Lust Oil

If I could only have one hair product, it would be this.  I use one pump on my wet hair whether I am blow or air drying, going straight, wavy or curling.  I use it on dry hair to protect before heat styling or to tame fly aways.  It’s pure goodness and incredibly versatile.



Fresh Fig Honey Bath

I rave about this glorious moisture bath a lot for good reason.  It’s the most luxurious little treat.  It smells so good and the tiniest bit gives your skin an added boost of moisture.



Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Just a few drops of this oil gives your skin a little extra oomph.  It’s actually not the priciest oil out there, but it’s not the least expensive either.  I’m including this because it is so good and I basically bathe my skin in this.  I put it on before my moisturizer day and night and use it on my hands.  It’s not thick, but really helps to boost moisture.



Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant

This may seem like a ridiculous thing, but oh this deodorant.  It seems so good and is the hardest working deodorant I have ever tried.  I need to be cleaner with my choices, but this is such a nice daily indulgence that I can’t give it up.  It’s also fantastic for those post-partum hormones that cause nonstop sweat.


splurge-worthy-beauty-products Creed Love In White 

This is my special occasion perfume, because the price doesn’t justify daily use.  It just elevates everything, and one spritz is all I need.  This brand has a rich history and is so classic.  I keep this in my closet so that no light can spoil it, and it will last longer.


splurge-worthy-beauty-productsClaudalie Beauty Elixir

I wish I could better explain the magic that is this product, but I can’t do it the justice it deserves.  It is a combination of toner, serum, brightener and soother.  It sprays on and dries quickly and just makes your skin look and feel better.  I put this on before primer and I really feel like two spritzes help my makeup go on and stay on better, while helping my overall skin tone.


splurge-worthy-beauty-productsYSL Black Opium

The most fabulous dry oil that you can use on your hair or body (you know I love versatility!)  I adore this scent and love to apply it post-shower instead of perfume.  It’s great for a post-gym hair touch up, too!  Again, it smells so good!





A great lip can make me feel pulled together, even when I’m a hot mess.  I’m obsessed with LipSense and the fact that it lasts all day and don’t transfer.  I kiss my kids 597 times a day and this keeps the color on my lips and not on them.  It’s a little pricier than my usual glosses and lipsticks, but well worth it for the durability.



What are your favorite splurge worthy beauty products?  Do you have any must-have’s?  Share them in the comments!

Have a great day!  -XO


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  1. Andrea Nine wrote:

    There are definitely quality splurge worthy products. I love the Oribe line and finally got on the LipSense train! I am a mix of high end like perfumes. blush and foundation but mascara from CVS, lol. Great post, have a beautiful day!

    Posted 2.7.18 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      Definitely mixing high end and drug store favorites is my way to go!

      Posted 2.8.18 Reply
  2. Kate wrote:

    I’ve always wanted to try that Honey Bath, definitely a luxurious treat! And a hairdryer that makes your hair healthier? Yes please! Plus it’s so pretty <3
    Green Fashionista

    Posted 2.7.18 Reply
    • Lindsay Newton wrote:

      The Honey bath smells like heaven, pure heaven, makes me want to bathe in it 😉

      Posted 2.8.18 Reply