Hi! Remember me? Since I fell off the radar for a minute, I thought today was the perfect time for a little catch up.

We spent the last week traveling to Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  This was our first trip back in over seven months; our first since we moved and our first since Riley was born.  We had some lofty goals to see every one of our family and friends that we could, and squeezing in as many fun activities for the kids that we could.  We logged some serious hours in the plane and the car, and all three kids were such little troopers.

a-dash-of-pretty-life-lately[ sunglasses ]

Then. I lost my voice, which never happens, and I still don’t have it fully back.  And then it turned into bronchitis.  We had to scrap almost all of our plans for the week.  So, everything got turned upside down, but we definitely maxed out on our doing of nothing.


 Greyson discovered that video games can play on computers (specifically mine.)  Which means that I am now at the mercy of my kid’s need to play Slime Rancher.  We are slowly working on priorities over here. 🙄  But, really, this trip was a reminder that we need to be mindful of our kids’ schedules and rules.  It gets so much harder as they get older and push boundaries further.  We want to give them freedom to make their own choices, but they need so many limits.  Does anyone else struggle with this?


It’s so hard to travel with little ones.  I think I fully forgot about the insane amount of gear they need.  We had to get a play mat, activity center, bouncy chair, plus all of the every day things for diapering and bathing and feeding to my parents’ house and haul it all around.  I strolled through a hotel lobby with a giant play mat more than once.  #accessorizing  We had to buy an extra suitcase to get everything back home, because we are excessive.

a-dash-of-pretty-life-lately[ shoes ]

But now we are home, and life is back to normal-ish.  Riley is teething and in a leap and a hot mess.  I’m still not back to normal, and the kids are dreading going back to school.  I’m excited to deep clean the house and purge like a crazy person because there is Spring weather in the air.  And Spring makes me want to start fresh!  Plus, I need to know who Arie ends up with, but mostly who the new Bachelorette is.


And I will leave with this smiling baby, because who doesn’t love baby smiles?  Hope your week is off to a great start!  -XO

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10 comments on “Life Lately”

  1. Oh girl, you’ve been through the ringer. I have been sick myself but I remember it is much worse when the kids are little. Wish I could have come care for the kids and brig you chicken soup!! I know this week with be much better for you, I know it!! xo

  2. Not that this will help you now, but I know that certain companies out there are designed to let you rent baby gear just for trips and it’s dropped off at the location of your choice so you dont have to buy two of everything! I hope you’re staring to feel better girl! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    • Isn’t it nuts? The smaller they are, the more they need. It blew my mind, especially when the other two just had two little bags each. Give Patrick a hug from me!

  3. I remember when I would travel three hours via mini van with 4 kids under 5 and there were times I had to laugh while driving or I’d cry because honestly there always seemed to be a little chaos ! I look back at those days and I still laugh because it made for great conversations during holidays when all our grown kids are around ! Like one of the kids losing their shoe out the window while driving down I-80 ! Somehow it went out the window. In other news that sweet little girl smiling is the best ! Baby smiles are truly the best 🙂 Have a wonderful day ! Hoping you are getting your voice back and feeling better !

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