I’m addicted to a few things in life, including online shopping, coffee and super white teeth.   Those last two don’t really go together, so I have to put in a little effort to make the last one happen.

I started whitening my teeth in college after my girlfriend got me hooked on whitening strips.  She had (and still has) the most perfectly white teeth.  However, over the years, white strips were no longer working for me.  Having babies majorly upped my tooth and gum sensitivity, making it challenging to successfully whiten at home with most products.  My dentist gave me professional strength whitener, but it burned my mouth too badly to use.  I spit it out after a couple of minutes and felt pain for days after.  Whitening strips left me with additional sensitivity.  Babies required coffee and coffee took away my white teeth.

While I had resigned myself to no longer having super white teeth, I was excited when Smile Brilliant reached out to discuss teeth whitening.  When I heard that Smile Brilliant offered an option for sensitive teeth, I jumped right in and haven’t looked back.

Keep reading for a chance to enter to win a $149 credit to Smile Brilliant!




The Process

First you order your teeth whitening kit, which shows up on your doorstep with everything you need in it.  Follow the instructions to make your molds.  This is the hardest part of the entire process, and it is MUCH easier to do to yourself then having someone in a dental office do for you.

After your molds have hardened, mail them back in the envelope provided and wait for your trays to arrive.  Mine were back in about a week!  Then it is time to whiten.  Just apply a thin layer of whitening gel to your trays, insert, and go!

Now, let’s talk about all of us with sensitive teeth and gums.  After you whiten (from 45 minutes to three hours), apply a desensitizing gel for 15 minutes.  This is major in helping to prevent ongoing sensitivity and has really been a game changer for me.  I’m not spending days with aching teeth and gums, and my teeth are white!



My Thoughts

The custom fitted trays and desensitizing gel are what really stand out to me.  My trays fit like a glove, and like I said before, they are flexible and feel incredibly lightweight on your teeth.  The gel is excellent for anyone with sensitivity and what made this whole process work so well for me.

I love that I don’t need to leave my house to get custom trays or strong whitening gel.  This is major for mom’s without a babysitter.

This is the best whitening system I have used.  And I have tried a lot of them in my quest for white teeth.  To try it for yourself, use code dashofprettyblog to save 10% off any purchase.



How to Keep Your Teeth White

This can be the trickiest part, maintaining your white teeth.  Make sure you brush with a whitening toothpaste!  I prefer to use an electric toothbrush as it gives a deeper clean, as well.

Use a straw!  I know it can be ridiculous to do, but drink your coffee or soda with a straw whenever you can.  I always grab one with my Starbucks!

Re-whiten!  You don’t need to buy the entire kit again, just grab some more gel and touch up as needed. When I feel like my teeth aren’t looking as bright as I like, I just whiten once or twice in a week and they will look great again!

Now, you can enter for a chance to win a $149 credit to Smile Brilliant!  To win, enter below. Don’t forget to use code dashofprettyblog to save 10% off any purchase.

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This post is in collaboration with Smile Brilliant.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Home Teeth Whitening

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10 comments on “Whiter Teeth with Smile Brilliant + Giveaway”

  1. I’ve read that off white teeth are still considered healthy teeth. They just don’t look as appealing as white teeth! I’ve tried lots of at home teeth whitening products but none have really changed my smile from off white to white. I would love to try one of these systems that help whiten my teeth!

    • Non-white teeth are definitely still healthy! I love when I actually see results, but anything too extreme (i.e. celeb IG ads) seems too fake to me.

  2. I seriously need to whiten my teeth – I haven’t done it since my wedding 5 years ago and I only used crest white strips!

  3. I really need to start using a straw with my morning coffee! I’ve had one of these kits for a while, and was starting to see a difference but fell off the wagon. I actually resumed last night, and can’t wait for whiter teeth. This coffee and wine drinker needs all the help she can get <3
    Green Fashionista

    • Yay for getting back on the wagon! I wish I liked white wine and iced coffee more, because it would make it so much easier!

    • The desensitizing gel goes on after to also help seal in the white. My teeth and gums are incredibly sensitive (I have a lot of issues with them, ugh) and this doesn’t hurt! I had whitener from my dentist that I couldn’t use because it was too painful. I like to use a small amount to start with this and spread my whitening out to every other day or so and I am pain free!

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