Hello, hello!  Today I want to share one of my favorite ways to do my makeup – quickly.  Most days when I am trying to get ready, there is a strict time limit on me in the form of a baby.  I never used to wear makeup daily, but with a baby and the homebody life it brings, makeup helps me feel at least a tiny bit put together.  And, I will more than likely be in sweats all day.

In the last few months, I have narrowed down my essentials to look pulled together with minimal effort.  I can feel pulled together in five minutes flat and don’t need to stock up on tons of products.

Here are the steps for my quick everyday makeup:

1. Prime

I cannot stress the importance of a good primer enough.  It makes a huge difference in how all of your face makeup applies and lasts.  While some people say you cannot use your hands, I do for primer application.  I rotate which ones I use, but I try to put one on everyday, even under tinted moisturizer.  If I’m in a hurry or feeling impatient, I will mix my primer and base together and apply with my hands.

I’m using this primer.


2. Tinted Moisturizer

This is essential for a quick face.  You get two products in one – a moisturizer, and some coverage.  I rotate products and was using Beauty Counter’s Dew Skin here.  If you have super dry skin like me, make sure to pre-moisturize before you prime and use this one.  Double the moisture!

I’m using this tinted moisturizer.


3. Concealer

One little product that can do so much.  Use a damp Beauty Blender to apply this under eyes (make sure to stick to a V shape).  I pull down the excess for extra coverage on my cheeks (they’re red from rosacea.)  Dab any extra on blemishes and even over your eye lids to create an even base layer.

I’m using this concealer.


4. Powder

I love a great pressed powder, especially this one by iT Cosmetics.  It has amazing buildable coverage, staying power and SPF that really works.  I apply this next with a fluffy brush to give more of an airbrushed finish.  You can press it in with a puff for extra coverage.

I’m using this powder.


5. Bronzer

A little bit of bronzer can brighten up your whole face!  I apply it to my cheeks instead of blush, along my jaw line, the sides of my nose and the top of my forehead.  This gives me a small bit of contour and color.

I’m using this bronzer.


6. Highlighter

Apply a dab of this on the top of cheek bones and down the center of your nose.  I then use it on my eyelids as a shadow.  Such a versatile product!

I’m using this highlighter.


7. Mascara

I prefer to use a curling mascara to save from having to use an eyelash curler.  It helps to open your eyes and finishes the whole look with minimal effort.

I’m using this mascara.



I use my damp beauty blender for my tinted moisturizer and concealer.  I dab it on my face and pull it down my neck.  If the concealer is appearing too bright, I go back over it with the moisturizer to blend.  My beauty blender lives on this adorable trinket dish.  For my bronzer, I use this brush and for my powder, this brush.



What are your favorite tips for quick makeup?  Thank you so much for reading!  -XO


Affiliate links used.  All items are ones that I own.



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10 comments on “Quick Everyday Make Up Tutorial”

  1. I’ve heard wonderful reviews about iT Cosmetics. I’d love to try their concealer ! It’s he one product that I’m struggling to find that doesn’t show every single fine line near my eyes. This is a fabulous post, I’m trying to better my make-up routine and this post is very helpful. Have a fabulous day !

    • I cannot say enough good things about iT Cosmetics. I have tried a bunch of their face products and brushes, and they all blew me away. That tiny bottle of concealer lasted me nine months. The coverage is thick, but not stiff and a tiny bit goes a long way. I have so many fine lines undereye, and it doesn’t settle into them and has some illumination to it that reflects away from them. Thank you Tammy!!

    • What was life before primer?! The iT powder is SO good. I have other powders I need to use up before I repurchase and I don’t think I can do it. I just love it that much!

    • It is the BEST powder ever! The highlighter is so good and it’s a natural beauty brand. It makes an excellent undereye concealer and shadow base too!

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