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Do you want to know where I have been focusing way too much of my energy?  Thinking of things I want to redo in our house, things I want to rearrange, and pieces we need to buy.  I add things to my cart, step away to think on it and make sure we need it, then am too nervous to purchase it.  I’m in total limbo completing so many rooms because of this. 🙄


What I’m Shopping

We need some new throw pillows for around our house, which has Josh rolling his eyes in a major way.  I have been eyeing these and these forever and really need to just get them both.  I could do an entire blog post on my love of throw pillows. 😂

Rugs.  I love them, but we have a very naughty dog.  This one keeps catching my eye, but I’m not sure where to put it.  I’m also loving this rug.  Even though it’s meant for kids rooms, it is really versatile and could be used anywhere.

There is a corner in our dining room that just needs some greenery in a planter.  And why are planters so expensive and does anyone know where to get budget-friendly ones?  Other things on my radar right now include this dresser (the color!), this console table, and this garden stool.

What are you shopping for your home right now?  Are you as addicted to pillows and rugs as I am?!  Thank you for reading and have the best day!  -XO

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12 comments on “Currently Obsessed: Home Edition”

  1. I love throw pillows and my husband does the eye roll too ! LOL they just don’t get it don’t get it ~ Love that pretty pink/grey rug soooo pretty !!! My ideal job would be to do something with interior design. Have a wonderful day !

    • Is it a husband thing that they just don’t understand how easily you can change an entire room with a new throw pillow?!

    • Target has had so many goodies lately and I hope you get the table and I can’t wait to see it! I don’t have a spot for it, but I am coveting it!

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