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What’s the best way to brighten up this dreary, frigid Winter? Wear something obnoxiously bright.  Each time I wear this sweater, I feel like I’m heading somewhere warm, not outside to freezing temperatures.  But, seriously, how nuts is this Winter?  It seems like before moving to Atlanta, people were constantly telling us how much we would love the mild Winters.  And then we are hit with the coldest weather ever.  Because of the cold temps school was closed on Monday.  My mind is blown!

Moving on to this chartreuse sweater I’m wearing. While I’m not a pro at wearing bright colors, I do have a few personal rules I like to follow when I do.  Some people can rock head to toe brights, but I am definitely not one of them.  If you’re like me, here are a few tips for wearing brights:

 Keep Everything Else Neutral

Stick to basic denim, white or black pants.  Limit your accessories to subtle golds, beiges and blacks as much as possible.

Don’t Over Accessorize

A bright piece is such a statement, that you won’t need to go overboard on the accessories.  Keep them to a minimum!  Pick one main jewel – earrings, necklace, bracelet or ring and make it your sole accessory.

Wear A Coordinating Lip

Your lip color choice matters!  If you want a brighter lip, stick to one that fits in with the cooler scheme, i.e. a neon pink.  Also, you can opt for a neutral shade.

Embrace It!

While you’re wearing your brights, rock them!  Be the chartreuse sweater in a sea of Winter blacks!

While this sweater is now sold out, there is a new version available online here.  In addition, I found this one,  this one, this one, and this one.  But with this color, the sweater comes second to the chartreuse shade.  It seems to be a pretty hot color right now, and you can find a great chartreuse sweater at a lot of different retailers.

How do you wear brights in the Winter?  Do you think it’s too much or are you all about it?

Thank you for reading and have a fabulous day!  -XO

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10 comments on “Chartreuse Sweater + Tips For Wearing Bright Colors in Winter”

    • The city was total chaos! They fully salted all of the roads for a rainstorm this week, which had me scratching my head. It’s so different than growing up in the Northeast, but I am fully down with the 60 degree temps when they hit!

  1. Oooh this is such a GREAT color on you! This pretty ensemble did brighten my day, it was dreary and foggy here all day long! LOVE this soft sweater and sweet look!

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