Riley is so excited to share her three month baby favorites with you all today.  And yes, this girl has serious favorites (and dislikes.)   How are such small people so opinionated at such an early age?

This has been the fastest three months of my whole life.  I blinked and my littlest babe is three months old today.  You know that saying, the days are long but the years are short?  It never rings truer than with babies.  My baby is no longer a newborn, but a smiley, squirmy little person who changes daily.

She is actually fourteen weeks tomorrow, but you know how it goes, #thirdchild.  I’m still living in a very exhausted, stressed out bubble, but really hoping to get this all under control soon.  We have had our share of adventures with our babe and as soon as we can get her feeling great, I think our days will be a little easier.

. . . . . . . .


Bath time is hands down Riley’s favorite time of day.  Sometimes I think she acts super cranky on purpose so that we will get her bedtime routine started and get her in the bath early.  Ok, this isn’t really happening, but a bath can turn her cranky mood right around.

Avery is her absolute favorite person and it makes my heart explode.  Riley can be super cranky and fussy, and all Avery has to do is say her name and she will cheer right up.  Her only giggles so far have been for her big sister, and she can spend hours cooing at her.

Riley loves chit chatting back and forth and will smile and coo at pretty much anyone.  It’s the sweetest thing!  Her other favorites include her play mat, watching her siblings dance like maniacs, and bouncing.

. . . . . . . . . . 


Except for the occasional rough day here or there, Riley is a pretty happy little girl.  She’s smiley and pleasant until 5:00ish most days.  I would say that 5:00 is her biggest dislike, second only to getting out of the tub and ready for bed.

Much like me, Riley doesn’t like when she isn’t fed on demand, and gets super hangry.  She also dislikes naps in a big, big way.  More on that below.  She is still suffering from pretty severe reflux, so a lot of her dislikes stem from that, and I think will change when the reflux finally calms down.

. . . . . . . . .


Riley has been sleeping through the night since nine weeks.  She usually starts to lose it around 6:30 and is in bed by 7:30.  Her day starts around 7 am, sometimes earlier.  We have been following Moms on Call and Taking Cara Babies in terms of sleep and scheduling, just not very strictly because of having to work around Avery and Greyson’s schedules.

All of that being said, she began busting out of her swaddle this week and is not sleeping as well now.  We keep swaddling her, but I know we are going to have to make the transition away from it soon.

Naps have however been a big struggle with Riley.  She’s just not a napper and it seems like it’s actually getting worse. Girlfriend has some serious FOMO.  Her reflux and inability to eat much at a time are definitely a big factor int the napping issues.  Send any help and advice you have please!

. . . . . . . . .


This is the hardest topic of all with Riley.  I’m still nursing and supplementing, but it’s a struggle and then some.  This is a topic that I don’t even know if I can address on here, because I have a hard enough time talking about it in real life.  It’s stressful and then some.  Hormones and emotions play into it, on top of the reflux issues.  Let’s just say I am an emotional hot mess stress case about all of it.

. . . . . . . . .

Three Month Favorites


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13

Riley’s favorite thing hands down is this bouncer.  She is using Greyson’s old one and it’s still just as good five plus years later.  We added the toy attachment and she can play with those for long stretches of time very happily.  Her second favorite toy is her play mat.  She’s a little too long for the kick piano but still too small to use it as a separate toy.  Sometimes I will attach this hanging toy to it to change it up a little bit.  However, she still loves to lay on it and yank on the dangling toys.  We set this floor mirror up next to her mat and she stares at it so seriously.  It cracks me up!  Other things we love include the infant insert for our stroller seat, this lounging pillow (I carry it around the house for her), and our Wubanub pacifier.  For bath time, I love our tub (I take out the bottom part) and this snuggly bath wrap.  The Dockatot is a game changer, and the only way we can get Riley to nap at all.  Zip up onesises make life so much easier (I can’t stand snaps!) and Comotomo are pricey but pretty amazing bottles and Riley’s current favorite.


Leave me all of your advice and tips mamas.  I always get SO much from you ladies and you all are so helpful! -XO

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18 comments on “Three Month Baby Favorites + Riley Update”

  1. She is so precious – look at all that hair! My babe is still basically bald haha And sleeping through the night since 9 weeks? That is awesome! Can I ask how you have transitioned your kids to cribs? My almost 7 month old hates it and is still waking up about twice a night 🙁

    • I had a baldie first, so I have no idea where all of this girl’s hair came from! My first two were anti-crib and we still suffer from it years later. We moved Riley to hers at two weeks, which was harder for me than her, but it made a huge difference. I swear by Moms On Call and they have Kindle books and one for 6 months plus that is supposed to be great! They also do phone consults which one of my friends did with her five month old and had her sleeping all night within a couple of days. I’m sorry to hear that though, that is no joke and I have been there are feel your pain!

  2. I have no advice or tips but I’m jealous of the night sleep. Wyatt has never slept more than 4 hours at a time and he prefers to wake up every 2 hours to eat Ugh!

    • Ahhh Laura, I feel your pain! Avery and Greyson were terrible sleepers, but I am so obsessed with Moms On Call and highly recommend. Following their pm feeding schedule helped a TON with Riley. I’m not as strict as I should or could be, which probably doesn’t help with her naps. Ah, that little guy is such a cutie though!

    • Three months is when it starts to get so sweet with smiles and laughs – I’m trying to really soak it all in! Thank you!

  3. Sending all the hugs as you continue nursing and supplementing, I miss those early days but not nursing/feeding. LOVE that she loves baths, her and Serena are destined to be besties! And yay for sleeping through the night <3

    Green Fashionista

    • Feeding is the hardest part of this time for sure. Hopefully these little ladies can get a good Florida hang in one day while their moms have a cocktail 😉

  4. Loving her precious pillow – that’s such a great idea! I’m so sorry that you’re having such a tough time with her napping and the eating, hoping it’s just a little phase for her! Love that she’s so in love with Avery and vice versa – that is wonderful! Nothing like a big sister!

    • The pillow was such a great gift to get! You and your sister have such a great relationship, I hope these girls have that one day, too!

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