It’s officially sweater weather!  Ok, it’s not really sweater weather everyday in Georgia, but it’s close enough that I will take it.  It has been in the 60’s here and I regularly see people bundled up like it’s the dead of Winter.  Meanwhile, I’m living my best life in sweaters on top and sandals on the bottom.  Is there anything better than that?  In my book, no!

Sweaters are having a major moment this year.  Chunky knits, fitted cashmere, and slouchy, oversized pieces are on everywhere right now.  And I am loving it.  There is nothing more appealing to wear on a post-baby body than anything oversized. 🙌🏻

As a born and bred Northeasterner who went to college in upstate New York, this is my kind of late Fall, early Winter. However, I think I really love sweaters even more because they give you just the right amount of warmth without needing a coat.  It’s the best of both worlds!


Sweater / Jeans / Sandals / Bag

I rounded up my favorite sweaters below and broke them down by under $100 and under $50.  I own all but a couple of them and love them.  As someone who only owned three sweaters before this Fall, I’m definitely getting addicted to my knits and quickly.  I love that you can get a really great sweater right now for a great price.  You don’t need to spend more than $100 anymore for a quality piece of knit wear.

Under $50

Under $100

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12 comments on “Sweaters Under $100”

  1. Isn’t it crazy to see people all bundled up as soon as the temps drop below 75? Southern living at it’s best! We’re going to get some chillier weather this weekend, so it’s time to break out the knits <3
    Green Fashionista

  2. I love sweaters as long as they’re not too hot. I adore a good tunic cowl neck one. Very pretty choices by the prettiest lady!

    • I have ordered from Shein a couple of times. I check the reviews, how well they’re selling and the pics people post. I find their sweaters to be better quality than their blouses, or at least from what I have shopped there. This run says it runs TTS but a bit shorter in length. You will be in sweaters in DAYS!!!!!! I’m eagerly awaiting news 😉

  3. Great choices! LOL at people dressed like it’s super cold. The same happens down here and I think it’s partly because people are happy it’s cold and get to use their Winter clothes and partly because we’re not used to this weather and people think it’s freezing!

    • I am seriously hoping I become the person who thinks this weather is freezing – then the hot won’t feel as hot, right? Please tell me yes!

  4. Hahaha loving that the GA people are thinking it’s cold! Love all your choices and so jealous of your Georgia weather! It’s been pretty mild here but the last two days have been in the low 40s 🙁

    • That is basically the dead of Winter here. It’s snowing right now, and it is pure craziness, but everyone in PA would be thinking it is a light dusting 😉

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