It’s been a minute since I have done a Life Lately blog post, so what better time to catch up than right before the holidays and end of the year?  I blinked and now it’s December 2017.  I’m pretty sure I am mentally stuck somewhere around May right now, and 2006-ish.  (Juicy tracksuits for all!)  Here is what has been going on this month-

Life Lately

We managed to pass a stomach bug and nasty cold around, but I’m hoping that’s it for the year!  Georgia got a crazy snow storm, which was just so awesome.  The South does snow so differently than the Northeast and seeing everyone enjoy it so much made it even better.  Except for the three days spent without internet or cable.  Bu it was t a really good break for the kids and their devices.


My list of house projects I wanted to tackle in December was overkill for sure.  I planned on getting our closet and bedroom together, first.  The current state is now piles of organizing supplies and shoes everywhere.  We also somehow ended up with four dressers in our bedroom while I attempted to start this.  🤔  If you need me, that is where I will be all next week.   All of our yard plans were derailed by the snow and wet leaf piles, plus a tree that crashed through our fence into our neighbor’s yard.  Home ownership is the ultimate in #adulting.


The holidays are always hectic, but they definitely get a little trickier with a baby.  That being said, we are all so excited to celebrate Riley’s first Christmas and New Year together.  Especially seeing the magic of it through Avery and Greyson’s eyes and them wanting to share it with their little sister.  It makes my mama heart want to explode!

I finished my Christmas shopping and wrapping early, which was a huge weight off my shoulders!  Now we aren’t scrambling and can focus on doing all of the holiday things.  Although, I don’t even know what the holiday things are in Atlanta, so if you do, please share!  However, I somehow got Riley’s stocking sent to our old house, so she is stocking-less. I also managed to have our Christmas cards shipped to my parents’ house in Pennsylvania.  You can expect some seriously delayed holiday cards from the Lipkins!

Family Photos

I also wanted to share our holiday pictures since you know, no cards at the moment.  We found an amazing local photographer who snapped these.  If you need a photographer in Atlanta, I highly recommend William Graves.  He was so easy to work with and so patient with Greyson’s craziness.  Check out Riley’s blue steel, it cracks me up!


I love reading blog post suggesting outfits for family photos.  I really should have paid better attention to those because I was scrambling two days before to find things for all of us.  I ended up working around Avery’s outfit choice.  And on the day of, she decided she didn’t like it one bit and never wanted to wear it ever.  And all of the tags were ripped off.  Luckily, I was able to scramble and hit up our closets to find some looks that coordinated.  Next year I am just going for denim on denim and stacking us all up in size order.

Lindsay: Top [Loft], Jeans [J.Crew], Shoes [Target], Earrings [Chanel, old] // Josh: Shirt [Vineyard Vines], Jeans [Factory], Shoes [Sperry] // Avery: Top and Skirt [Nordstrom], Shoes [Justice] // Greyson: Sweater [Factory], Jeans [Factory], Shoes [Sperry] // Riley: Onesie [Gap], Bow [Nordstrom]


I read this all back and realize I sound like I am complaining, but I promise I am not.  I’m just laughing at life right now because I know I am going to miss these crazy days in the not so distant future and I want to remember every zany minute of them.  So maybe this Life Lately blog post is more for me than you, but thank you for stopping by! 😘

Hope the rest of your week is great!  -XO

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14 comments on “Life Lately // December 2017”

  1. I think you’re doing pretty well for having a new baby and living in a new town!! I shipped our Christmas cards to our old address and we haven’t lived there in 2.5 years and I have no excuses for that one, haha! Your family pictures are gorgeous!! I think you did a great job with coordinating outfits despite the last minute outfit changes 😉

    • I’m glad I’m not the only with shipping issues. Can we blame the companies for making the other addresses to easily accessible? (HA!) Thank you so much lady!

  2. OMG these pictures turned out SO amazing! I can’t believe you guys lost internet and cable for 3 days during that snow storm, insane! The south definitely isn’t as prepared for snow as the north but it’s still so fun! Happy holidays friend!

    • It was pure chaos down here! Three days is a lot and it was all melted but the time they finally got it back on. (I am not a Comcast fan!)

    • Thank you mama!! One of my best friend’s son was wearing the same outfit as Riley in their pictures, so glad I added the headband!

  3. Beautiful photos of you all !!! Wishing you and your family a Happy Holiday ! You look fabulous, and miss Riley is precious just like her big sister and big brother 🙂

    • Thank you so much Tammy! Wrangling the three of them for a quick picture session was quite something – I was literally chasing Greyson down because he would keep trying to run to the car!

  4. Your photos came out so nicely!! I can imagine that this year is a little more hectic than others, but way to go on getting all your shopping done! xo, Biana

  5. These pictures are so beautiful! Haha, I did the same for our maternity pictures – I totally scrambled last minute. I only got outfits for the kids and J and I just picked something out of our closets. Oh well! I don’t think a house is ever finished or fully organized. It’s a never ending battle for sure.

    Hope you all feel better!

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