Time to chat about gifting the guys in our lives.  They all say they’re so easy to shop for or that they don’t need anything, but we all know that isn’t true!

I spend a lot of time shopping for my dad, my little brother (he’s not actually little) and my husband and father in law every holiday season.  Generally, I grab gifts for all of them throughout the year as I see them.  The most random things will make me think of one of them and I will grab one or two of them.  The three of them are almost interchangeable in their likes, so I can shop in multiples easily.  I need to count my blessings on this!

Gifts For Your Guy

one // Josh’s go-to belts.  I buy him these in new patterns as a gift at least once a year.

two //  If you guy is a beer love like my husband, brother, father in law and dad are, beer ornaments are a fun addition to the tree.

three //  The Fire Stick is a must have if you plan on cutting the cable cord.  Even if you don’t, it’s still great to have.  We use ours every day and my dad appreciates it any time he visits.

four //  A three quarter pull over is a great dressier alternative to a tee shirt.  Josh loves these and wears them almost daily during the winter.  This material doesn’t wrinkle and feels heavy without being hot.

five //  I got Josh this Yeti can cooler for his birthday and he used it that same day.  It looks like a can in koozie, but can be screwed open to fit a can in or just pour into.  It’s super versatile and would be a great gift for any guy.

six //  These are Josh’s favorite shoes and he is constantly rotating between a few pairs.  They were totally my go-to everyday shoe in college, too.  There are tons of color options so you can find one for any guy, plus the great price doesn’t hurt.

seven // Virtual reality glasses aren’t just for techies.  These are hours of amusement for everyone.

eight //  A nice bar tool set is great to have, plus the hanging stand makes it super easy to put away and estore.  That is a total win in my book!

nine //  A great vest is perfect for in between weather or to wear over sweaters.  Josh picked this one out for himself last Winter and wears it all of the time.

ten //  One of Josh’s patio goals would include a brick oven for making pizza.  Pizza is his favorite food by far and this fun gadget would be great for a pizza lover.  And dinner for you would hopefully be included! 😉

eleven //  Another birthday gift for my hat-loving husband.  It is adjustable and comes in multiple colors and animals for any outdoor lover.  My father in law and dad both wear hats daily and would definitely like this!

twelve //  Throwback Atari looks so fun to me!  I want to get this for Josh so I can secretly play it too!

What are you gifting the guys in your life?  Please share!

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16 comments on “Gifting The Guys”

  1. A wonderful selection of gift – I’m always buying belts for our older two boys and the hubby ! Cute beer ornament 🙂 Hoping that you are having a great week !

    • I love how everyone agrees on that. The best part is that Josh always says he is the easiest to shop for and I’m all like NOPE!

    • I love how everyone says that! It makes me feel so much better, especially since Josh always tells me how easy he is to shop for, and I’m all like NO!

    • Everyone agrees, I am so glad I’m not the only one who thinks they’re so hard to shop for. I always get the “I don’t need anything” line and I’m just shaking my head. 🙄

    • ALL of the booze is right! Is the Atari thing the same as your Nintendo set? I thought of you guys when I found that!

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