Happy weekend babes!  We had a great week, but it was super busy and we are excited for some weekend downtime.  Also excited for Fall temperatures finally!  I have been hoarding Fall clothes that are just begging to be worn.  That, and I am not fitting into my pre-baby tanks yet, so my daily outfits are in a really weird place.

Riley turned two months old this week, our close friends from New Jersey came to visit, and both kids had field trips.  And we got that Black Friday refrigerator, because, #adulting.  I’m way more excited about the fridge than I should admit, but I guess that is what happens with home ownership. 😂  Luckily, I scored some really cute clothes on great sales too, to balance it all.

Let’s get into everything good this week…


  • I love matcha and try to make my own lattes at home, but they never come out that great.  This recipe is next on my list to try, and I think I can make it taste as good as it looks!
  • A pumpkin cheese ball looks like the perfect Thanksgiving appetizer to make or take.
  • I’m always trying to clean up my beauty routine and natural deodorant is one of the hardest.  This post details some really great ones that are on my list to try.
  • I’m essential oil obsessed (that’s a whole post coming soon) and really took this to heart about burning candles.
  • Team LC all the way, but I am definitely a KCav fan these days too.  She’s definitely evolved beyond the girl yelling “StevEN.” (You know what I’m talking about.)  Read this interview with her and try not to like her, I dare you.
  • Victoria Backham will always be Posh Spice to me, as a nineties kid, but you can’t help but want to know her beauty routine.  She is basically flawless.


  • The cutest star print popover, and on sale!
  • After losing an earring earlier this week, I am going to stick to these with a more secure back.
  • Swingy pink tanks are perfect for layering under all of the chunky cardigans.
  • Speaking of swingy tops, is this not the most perfect swing tee?
  • This delicious sweater is on sale and on its way to my house.
  • Should I also snag this one?
  • Speaking of chunky knits… I’m just so happy these are so in right now.


Hope your weekend is great!  XO

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4 comments on “The Weekend Edit”

  1. I have been wearing lots of LulaRoe lately since I’m not back into my regular clothes but I’m definitely not pregnant anymore! Haha. That in between phase is so hard. I keep telling myself I need to start watching what I eat so I capitalize on the weight loss breast feeding brings but… that’s not going so well. Haha! And I’m all about chunky sweaters and cozy warm things! Have a great weekend!

    • I need to do the same thing, but BFing makes me ravenous! I swear I am hungrier than during pregnancy and I cannot lose any weight until I stop. GAH!!!

    • Doesn’t the pumpkin cheeseball look insane? Annie always kills it on the apps (and you do, too!!) StevEN, bahahaha!

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